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Doing our jobs is not always easy — especially because we can’t always leave our problems at home when we go to work or there’s another set of problems waiting for us when we get there.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential resource for all managers, supervisors and employees of King County. The EAP is there to help when problems interfere with our job performance. It’s a safe place to go when we don’t know what to do or just want confidential advice on how to handle a difficult situation. Not only are our EAP consultants savvy about workplace issues, they understand King County culture because they work there too, and they know the people and processes that are unique to King County.

Call Tony Hansen, EAP Program Manager: 206-477-0632

Call Heather Steffensen, EAP Program Coordinator: 206-477-0631



Employees use EAP for:

  • Stress or depression due to work
  • Resolving conflicts with a coworker or supervisor
  • Feeling harassed or bullied by others
  • Understanding the how’s and why’s of potential discipline or other “procedures” in King County
  • Getting an objective perspective about delicate work situations
  • Unwanted workplace changes
  • Alcohol or drug use at work
  • Just about anything that can impact job performance

Management uses EAP for:

  • Refining supervisory skills
  • Improving employee performance
  • Strategizing best ways to work with challenging employees
  • Work group problem resolution
  • Improving employee behaviors before (and after) discipline occurs
  • Identifying appropriate resources in unusual workplace situations
  • Addressing problems that may affect work performance

Many collective bargaining units in King County refer their members to the EAP too, because they know it can help!