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Buying and eating food from local farms is a great way to stay healthy.

Healthy Incentives has a number of ways to help you eat healthy with our newest focus area, Farm Fresh Local. Buying local means fresher plates, healthier food, and happy farmers. It also cuts down on the carbon footprint of your food consumption and supports local agriculture.

New! Text for Well-Being: Farm Fresh Local

Farm Fresh Local will provide tips and inspiration on how eating local makes a difference—directly to your phone. If you are enrolled in the Text for Well-Being program with Healthy Incentives, you will need to text three times per week for six weeks to earn Gold. To earn a “gift,” look for the Farm Fresh Local keyword at each farmers market manager booth. Text in the keyword and follow the instructions you receive via text message.

Also new! Local food at the workplace—join Community Supported Agriculture

As part of Farm Fresh Local, we’re bringing Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) to the workplace. CSAs at the workplace—how fresh is that? Sign up for a CSA and have it delivered for pick-up at participating King County facilities.

What’s a CSA? CSAs have become a popular way for consumers to buy local seasonal food directly from a farmer who offers to the public a certain number of “shares.” Typically, the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share and, in return, receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season—usually June through October.

As part of Farm Fresh Local, we’re bringing Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) to select worksites. We will have drop-off sites at the following locations:

Chinook Building
Ryerson Base
King County Administration Building
King Street Center
Maleng Regional Justice Center
Atlantic Base
King County Youth Services Center
Downtown Public Health

Earn Healthy Incentives Credit 

Your CSA membership, when delivered to a participating King County worksite, qualifies as an individual action plan with Healthy Incentives and puts you on the road to Gold.  Once you have signed up, contact your building’s CSA site coordinator for assistance in reporting your participation for Healthy Incentives credit.  Remember, your spouse or domestic partner (if covered under King County medical insurance) must complete the wellness assessment and an individual action plan of his/her choosing in order for the family color to be gold. You will need to enroll by the deadline established by the CSA for your building. Please look for further communications to come from your CSA Site Coordinator.

More local food tips and resources

Farmers markets

King County has more than 40 farmers markets. Few places do food better than King County, with more than 100 products grown here. Whatever your reason for buying local—supporting local farmers, sourcing what’s fresh and in season, better nutrition, or advocating for food access—visiting a farmers market is a great way to start. Some farmers markets run year-round. Find the location of your nearest farmers market.

Adventurous cookinghave fun with food

Cooking is an invaluable life skill and what better way to celebrate local food than by preparing a memorable meal? If you find a fruit or vegetable that you’re unfamiliar with at a farmers market or in your CSA box, ask a farmer or do some research online. Go to Puget Sound Fresh for help creating delicious meals from your market adventure.


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