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News Effective November 30, 2017, King County is ending its contract with StayWell Health Management, the company who administered some elements of the Healthy Incentives program. After November 30, you will no longer be able to log in, to view your past Wellness Assessment results, or to use program features such as Charge or Dash. If you want to print out information from the StayWell website, please log in to the StayWell portal before Nov. 30. After that date, King County employee data in the StayWell system will be destroyed to protect your privacy.

King County is in the process of redesigning its approach to supporting employee health and well-being. As part of Investing in You, we’re acting on what you told us in over 20 discussion groups and through a voluntary survey that occurred this summer. Later this year, you’ll hear more about the changes coming for 2018 and beyond. If you have questions, please contact


For questions about these programs and how King County encourages employees to stay healthy at work contact 206-684-1556 or

King County's health and well-being program provides activities and programs to support your health, comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family, and we're keeping you safe at work with programs to eliminate hazards, prevent injuries and protect your safety.

We are pleased to offer a variety of programs, services, and support to help you achieve your health and well-being goals year-round. Have an idea to make our program better? Let us know!