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Healthy Incentives starts February 3, 2015.


To earn gold:

1.Take your wellness assessment.

2. Complete an individual action plan. 

Finish by July 31.


More information

Health Heroes who Inspire Us


Building a Healthy Culture in the PAO

In the criminal division at the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office, there’s a joke that there are about a dozen ways to burn out. Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney David Ryan believes work-life balance is no joke. Ryan is where our story starts, and we were surprised where his story took us... Read more.


Romulo's story: From denial to determination

“I didn’t want to know. I was in denial,” said Romulo Villanueva, a 23-year King County employee in Roads. However, something urged him to attend one of the on-site diabetes screenings King County offered to employees last January. Read more.


Meet Allison Moore

Allison Moore is an “ultra-runner” who shares her energy and expertise with co-workers by conducting a free strength training class in the Chinook Activity Center open to any county employee. “Energy is contagious,” she says and her positive outlook and love of being active is catching on with her colleagues. Read more.

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