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Annual Giving Drive October 3 - November 18, 2016

About the King County Employee Giving Program

The Employee Giving Program is a resource for King County employees regarding philanthropy. We coordinate the Annual Giving Drive, provide year-round service to employees and nonprofits, and organize any special response drives that may occur during the year.  Via this Web site, we also provide resources for King County employees seeking to educate themselves about charitable giving.

Our Mission:

Using innovative best practices, we will implement a comprehensive giving program that builds pride among county employees & enriches our communities.

The purpose of the Employee Giving Program, prescribed in King County Code (K.C.C.) Chapter 3.36, is to:

  • Lessen the burden of county government and of local communities in the meeting of charitable needs

  • Provide a convenient channel through which county employees may contribute to the efforts of qualifying agencies providing services in the community or overseas

  • Minimize both the disruption to the county workplace and the costs to the taxpayer of multiple charitable fund drives

  • Ensure that recipient agencies are fiscally responsible in the uses of the monies raised

A 15-member employee committee appointed by the County Council governs the Employee Giving Program and the Annual Giving Drive. During the drive, several Campaign Executives join the program as temporary staff to support the full-time Employee Giving Program Administrator. Over 200 employees generously step forward to serve as coordinators within the various departments and divisions. They collect donation forms and communicate the program details to employees ensuring each King County employee has the opportunity to participate.

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