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Document Code No.: CON 7-8 (AP)
Department/Issuing Agency: Executive Administration/Purchasing Agency
Effective Date: May 6, 1994
Approved: /s/ Fred Stephens
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 1.06 MB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: Procurement Procedures Using Federal Funds


2.1 Compliance with federal regulations and federal grant guidelines regarding the use of federal funds in purchase orders/contracts to County vendor/contractors.


All departments, offices and agencies of King County government.


4.1 Revised Code of Washington 36.32.240 et seq.

4.2 King County Code 4.16.

4.3 Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-102, 24CFR-585, Common Rule, Subpart C, Section 35.

4.4 Federal debarred vendor/contractor publication.


5.1 "Debarred Vendor" means a firm and/or an individual debarred and/or a contractor excluded from providing goods and/or services for federal award programs which are listed in the GSA Office of Acquisition Policy.

5.2 "Federal Funds" means those federal grants, awards, or funds, provided to County agencies and/or subcontractors via federal indirect or direct awards.

5.3 "Debarred List" means those individuals and/or firms excluded from providing goods and/or services for federal award programs.


6.1 County agencies (Grantee Agency) using federal funds to obtain goods or services will do so in compliance with federal grant guidelines and federal regulations.

6.2 County agencies awarded federal grants shall ensure that their subcontractors obtain goods and/or services with federal funds only in compliance with federal regulations.

6.3 County agencies utilizing the Purchasing Agency to obtain goods and/or services with federal funding shall indicate on the Requisition Form or Record of Contract Form that federal funds will be used for the acquisition.

6.4 County agencies shall make every effort NOT to obtain goods and/or services from federally debarred vendors when using federal funds for the acquisition.


Action By: Grantee Agency


7.1 After receiving Federal Grant award, contacts the Purchasing Agency to review debarred list of vendors/contractors.

7.2 Makes a mini-list of vendors/contractors on debarred list who are likely to offer goods and/or services identified in the agency's Federal Grant award.

7.3 Circulates copies of mini-list of debarred vendors to agency staff, subcontractors and Purchasing Agency.

Action By: Purchasing Agency


7.4 Distributes to buyers any lists of debarred vendors received from grantee agency.

Action By: Grantee Agency


7.5 Indicates on requisition form or record of contract form that Federal Funds will be used for acquisition and sends form to Purchasing.

Action By: Purchasing Agency


7.6 Buyers review debarred list before placing orders with Federal Funds to check debarred vendors/contractors are not used.

Action By: Grantee Agency


7.7 Periodically check subcontractor expenditures with Federal Funds to ensure vendors from debarred list have not been used.


8.1 The grantee agency is responsible for ensuring Federal funds are used appropriately and in compliance with Federal grant guidelines and Federal regulations and is also responsible for ensuring that goods/services are not obtained from vendors on the Federal debarred list.

8.2 The Purchasing Agency is responsible for maintenance of the Federal register/publication of debarred vendors and for reviewing the debarred list prior to placing orders from agencies using Federal funds.