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Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Daniel T. Satterberg

King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
King County Courthouse, Room W554
516 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-2362
(206) 296-9000


Helpful Answers to Common Court Related Questions

  Photo of an interior courtroom view showing a gavel.  Photo showing a male judge and female attorney at the judge's bench. 

How to file criminal charges.

The Prosecuting Attorney does not investigate cases.  We receive our cases directly from the police.  If you want criminal charges to be filed, you must first contact the police agency where the crime occurred.

Seattle Police Department
206-625-5011 (dispatch)

King County Sheriff's Office

206-296-3311 (dispatch)


Algona Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)

Auburn Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)
253-931-3080 (police station)

Bellevue Police Department
425-885-3131 (dispatch)
425-452-6917 (police station)

Black Diamond Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)
253-631-1012 (police station)

Bothell Police Department
425-486-1254 (dispatch)

Burien Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Carnation Police Department
425-885-1333 (dispatch)

Clyde Hill Police Department
425-885-3131 (dispatch)

Covington Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Des Moines Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)
206-878-3301 (police station)

Duvall Police Department
425-885-1333 (dispatch)

Enumclaw Police Department
360-825-3505 (dispatch)
360-825-0184 (police station)

Federal Way Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)
253-835-6700 (police station)

Hunts Points Police Department
425-885-3131 (dispatch)

Issaquah Police Department
425-837-3200 (dispatch)

Kenmore Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Kent Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)

Kirkland Police Department
425-587-3400 (dispatch)

Lake Forest Park Police Department
Dispatched by Bothell Police Department

Maple Valley Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Medina Police Department
425-587-3400 (dispatch)
425-454-1332 (records/business calls)

Mercer Island Police Department
425-587-3400 (dispatch)

Milton Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)
253-922-8735 (police station)

Newcastle Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Normandy Park Police Department
206-248-7600 (dispatch)

North Bend Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Pacific Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)

Port of Seattle Police Department
206-433-5400 (dispatch)

Redmond Police Department
425-885-1333 (dispatch)

Renton Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)
425-430-7500 (police station)

Sammamish Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

SeaTac Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Shoreline Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Snoqualmie Police Department
425-837-3200 (dispatch)

Tukwila Police Department
253-852-2121 (dispatch)
206-433-1808 (police station)

University of Washington Police Department
206-543-9331 (dispatch)

Washington State Patrol
425-649-4370 (dispatch)

Woodinville Police Department
206-296-3311 (dispatch)

Yarrow Point Police Department
425-885-3131 (dispatch)

How to drop criminal charges.

You cannot “drop charges”.  The Prosecuting Attorney files charges on behalf of the citizens of the State of Washington for crimes committed in King County.  If you are a victim of a crime and you do not wish to pursue the charges that have been filed, please contact the Victim Assistance Unit.

206-477-3743 Seattle
206-477-3757 Kent
206-296-8871 Juvenile

How to find an attorney.

If you are in need of an attorney in King County and seek assistance, please contact the following agencies or organizations: 

The Office of Public Defense

  • The Office of Public Defense provides legal help to people who are accused of a crime and cannot afford an attorney.  In addition, they also provide legal help to people who cannot afford an attorney and are facing certain other matters such as juvenile dependency, civil commitment, or civil contempt.

    Phone: 206-296-7662



King County Bar Association

  • The King County Bar Association provides the following services to individuals who live in King County:

    Lawyer Referral Services
    These services are available to individuals who are able to afford hiring an attorney and need assistance with finding one.

    Phone: 206-267-7010

    Website: (external link)

    The King County Bar Association and/or other programs providing civil legal assistance for low income individuals.  (includes neighborhood legal clinics)

    Phone: Dial 211

    Website: (external link)


Northwest Justice Project

  • The Northwest Justice Project provides toll-free telephone service for eligible low-income people to obtain free legal assistance with civil legal problems through their Coordinated Legal Education, Advice and Referral System (CLEAR).

    Phone:  Dial 211 (for matters within King County)
    Phone:  1-888-201-1014 (for matters outside of King County)

    Website: (external link)


Columbia Legal Services

  • Columbia Legal Services (CLS) is a nonprofit law firm that protects and defends the legal and human rights of low-income people. CLS represents people and organizations in Washington State with critical legal needs who have no other legal assistance available to them.

    Phone: 206-464-5933

    Website: (external link)


For more resources visit the King County Superior Court Resource website.

How to get information on a criminal felony case.

Having the King County court cause number, makes accessing records information much quicker.  If you do not have the cause number, be prepared to provide the name and date of birth of the person who was arrested.  Have a pen and paper ready.

Contact our records department (8:30 to 4:30 Pacific Standard Time).

206-296-9480 Seattle 
206-205-7485 Kent

Additional criminal records information can also be found at the Washington Courts website. (external link)

From their home page, select "Search Case Records".  

How to get information on a criminal misdemeanor case.

The King County Prosecutor does not maintain misdemeanor criminal records.  If the arrest was made in unincorporated King County, please contact District Court at


If the arrest was made within a city's limits, contact the Municipal Court for that city.

In both instances, you will need to provide the name and date of birth of the person who was arrested. 

How to respond to a subpoena.

Carefully read the subpoena.  Then phone the paralegal who issued the subpoena.

Your testimony could happen on the date listed on the subpoena, but frequently there are delays. This is why it is very important to call and remain in contact with the paralegal.

Witness Information:

  • Court rules allow the prosecutor or the defendant's attorney to interview any witness, regardless of who issued the subpoena.  If you are contacted regarding an interview and you are unsure about your rights, contact the paralegal for assistance.
  • The witness can set the time and place for the interview so that it is convenient and comfortable to them. (An interview may be held in the office of the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney assigned to the case.)
  • Witnesses are allowed to have a companion attend interviews with them as long as the companion is not another witness.
  • Trials are sometimes rescheduled, continued or cancelled.
  • When trials are rescheduled or continued, the outstanding subpoenas still apply and witnesses are still required to attend court on the rescheduled dates.
  • When a trial is rescheduled or continued, the paralegal listed on the subpoena will phone the witness and inform them of the new date and time.  Depending on the length of the continuance, the witness may also get a letter in the mail, informing them of the new date.  The witness will not get a new subpoena.
  • Failure to respond to a subpoena or failure to attend a trial or hearing as required may cause a court to issue a warrant for the arrest of the subpoenaed witness.
How to "drop" a No Contact Order.

Each court has different policies and rules about how and whether a No Contact Order (NCO) can be "dropped" (recalled or terminated). Some courts allow the victim of the case to attend any of the defendant's scheduled hearings to speak about the NCO. Other courts have special calendars set for these matters.

In order to find out the best information about your particular order, call the court that issued the order.

If you do not have a copy of the order and you know it is a felony charge, please contact Wendy Ross at 206-205-7479 to get a copy.

If you know it is a misdemeanor charge, call your local district court (if the crime occurred in unincorporated King County) or local municipal court (if the crime occurred within the city limits).