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Video Voters’ Guide: 2015 Primary Election – King County and Port of Seattle

This online King County Video Voters' Guide is designed to make information about the August 4 primary election more accessible, and assist you in making an informed choice. 

This is an all-mail election. Instead of going to a polling place, ballots will be sent to all registered voters.

In this edition you will hear statements from candidates for the King County Elections Director and Port of Seattle Commission. Each candidate or representative has two minutes to speak. They appear on the screen in the same order in which they will appear on your ballot. 

Video links to the online King County online video voters' guide are viewed using Windows Media Player or Microsoft's Silverlight.

Watch the entire Video Voters Guide or watch portions of the Guide:


King County Elections Director

Zach Hudgins
Julie Wise
Christopher Roberts

Port of Seattle 


Commissioner Position No. 2
Courtney Gregoire
John Naubert - was unable or chose not to participate

Commissioner Position No. 5
Darell Bryan
Norman Sigler
Marion Yoshino
Mark Hennon
Daniel Reandeau
Richard Pope  - was unable or chose not to participate
Fred Felleman
Herb Krohn  - was unable or chose not to participate
Ken Rogers

Guide Closing

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