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Mission Reunite

Find out how RASK can help you find a lost pet.

King County's Drug Court Celebrates 20 years

Take a peek inside this therapeutic court that has become a national model.

Welcome to the Park

Meet Anthony, a park employee that knows how to make people feel welcome in many different languages.

Stop Domestic Violence

Help stop the cycle of Domestic Violence.

About King County TV
King County TV provides a transparent view into the operations of County government and the issues affecting our region. We'd love to hear from youLearn more about KCTV 
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What's on today: Friday, October 24
12:00 a.m.Civic Cocktail - King County Executive Dow Constantine
01:00 a.m.Regional Policy Committee - 10/23/14
02:30 a.m.Mountains to Sound Greenway
03:00 a.m.CityStream - Sowing the Seeds of Success
03:30 a.m.The Road to Recovery - Safe Sober Housing
04:30 a.m.King County Drug Court - 20 Years of Changing Lives
05:36 a.m.Alternate Care Facilities
05:45 a.m.Reclaiming Their Voice
06:26 a.m.King County @ Your Service - Technology Access Foundation @ Lakewood
06:30 a.m.Prosecutor's Partners - Federal Way Public Schools
06:49 a.m.The Prosecutor's Post - Ida Ballasiotes
07:00 a.m.We Are The Muckleshoot
07:20 a.m.The Truth About Drugs: Ecstasy
07:30 a.m.King County @ Your Service - Welcome to the Park
07:32 a.m.Hazardous Waste Disposal
07:36 a.m.Riding Metro Wiith Your Wheelchair
07:42 a.m.King County @ Your Service - Jobs for Veterans
07:45 a.m.Myths and Misperceptions About the Washington Courts
07:54 a.m.King County @ Your Service - Brightwater Center
08:00 a.m.CityStream - Healthy Community
08:18 a.m.Shorelines: Life on the Edge - Rivers
08:30 a.m.Justice Files - ePolicing; FLIC; Macklemore
08:46 a.m.Derelict Fishing Gear
09:00 a.m.The Folklorist - Nikola Tesla
09:24 a.m.King County @ Your Service - H.E.R.O. Program
09:30 a.m.Auburn Our Story - Japanese American Truck Farms
10:00 a.m.King County @ Your Service - Marine Unit, South Park Bridge, Climate Change
10:23 a.m.The Truth About Drugs: Heroin
10:30 a.m.League of Women Voters' Forum - Ballot Issues for November General Election
12:01 p.m.King County @ Your Service - King County's Marine Unit
12:05 p.m.SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest - Perspectiives
12:30 p.m.Yard Talk - Local Foods
12:48 p.m.KC Talks - Gavriel's Story
01:00 p.m.Committee of the Whole - 10/20/14
02:41 p.m.Speak Up When You're Down - Recognizing Postpartum Depression - With Interview
03:00 p.m.King County Connects - Employment for Veterans
03:36 p.m.The Folklorist - Boston Molasses Flood
04:00 p.m.Regional Policy Committee - 10/23/14
05:25 p.m.4Culture - South Park Bridge Art
05:30 p.m.Disaster Zone - Barb Graff
06:00 p.m.4 Culture Spotlight - B.J. Bullert - Alki, Birthplace of Seattle
06:30 p.m.City Inside Out - Monorail Measure
07:00 p.m.2015-2016 Budget - Budget and Fiscal Management Committee: Public Hearing
09:30 p.m.Auburn Our Story - Japanese American Truck Farms
10:00 p.m.King County @ Your Service - Marine Unit, South Park Bridge, Climate Change
10:30 p.m.League of Women Voters' Forum - Ballot Issues for November General Election
Schedules subject to change, depending on the length of live programming.