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Mission Reunite

Find out how RASK can help you find a lost pet.

Use EBT benefits at a Farmers Market

You can now use your EBT benefits at many King County Farmers Markets.

King County Sheriff Marine Unit

What's it like to patrol Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, and the small lakes and rivers throughout King County.

Stop Domestic Violence

Help stop the cycle of Domestic Violence.

About King County TV
King County TV provides a transparent view into the operations of County government and the issues affecting our region. We'd love to hear from youLearn more about KCTV 
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What's on today: Monday, September 01
12:55 a.m.Confronting Climate Change - Shoreline
01:00 a.m.Port of Seattle Commission - 08/19/14
02:50 a.m.2014 Spellman Awards
03:57 a.m.Super Foods: Whole Grains
04:00 a.m.4 Culture - Folklife Festival
04:47 a.m.4Culture - Part of the Cycle
04:55 a.m.King County @ Your Service - Water Sampling Program
05:00 a.m.The Road to Recovery - Growing Up With Addiction
06:00 a.m.Mountains to Sound Greenway
06:30 a.m.Auburn Our Story - Japanese American Truck Farms
06:57 a.m.King County @ Your Service - King County Trail System
07:00 a.m.Justice Files - eCourt; ARFF; Juvenile Drug Court
07:16 a.m.Justice Files - Jury Duty
07:30 a.m.KC Talks - Juvenile Justice
07:39 a.m.Prosecutor's Partners - Open Door Legal Services
07:50 a.m.KC Talks - Youth Violence at Home
08:00 a.m.Seattle Voices - Maggie Walker
08:30 a.m.Yard Talk - Backyard Makeover
08:45 a.m.Yard Talk - Native Plants
09:00 a.m.4 Culture - Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
09:35 a.m.4 Culture - Harvest Festival
10:00 a.m.Budget and Fiscal Management Committee - 08/19/14
11:42 a.m.News Conference - Sheriff Announces Appointment of New Chief Deputy
12:00 p.m.South Park Bridge Opening Ceremony
12:46 p.m.King County Connects - Employment for Veterans
01:22 p.m.King County @ Your Service - Jobs for Veterans
01:26 p.m.King County @ Your Service - Brightwater Center
01:30 p.m.The Power of Snoqualmie Falls
02:32 p.m.King County @ Your Service - Housing Repair Program
02:35 p.m.Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure
04:05 p.m.Natural Connections
04:52 p.m.Riding Metro Wiith Your Wheelchair
05:00 p.m.Committee of the Whole - 08/20/14
06:21 p.m.Did You Know - Metro: Keeps Cars off the Road
06:22 p.m.Department of Corrections Fire Crews
06:30 p.m.King County Flood Control District - 07/21/14
06:45 p.m.King County Ferry District - 07/14/14
07:00 p.m.The Governors
08:00 p.m.Mercy Medical Airlift: Compassion Takes Flight
09:00 p.m.Prosecutor's Partners - Urban League
09:21 p.m.4Culture - South Park Bridge Art
09:26 p.m.King County @ Your Service - Brightwater Center
09:30 p.m.King County @ Your Service - Drug Takeback, HERO Program, Nurses Tunnel
09:50 p.m.Myths and Misperceptions About the Washington Courts
09:59 p.m.Public Health Seattle & King County - Let's Do This
10:00 p.m.Sound Transit Capital Committee - 08/14/14
11:29 p.m.Mountains to Sound Greenway
Schedules subject to change, depending on the length of live programming.