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King County Councilmember Jane Hague

Council Vice Chair, serving the communities of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Mercer Island, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Beaux Arts, Woodinville, and Yarrow Point
Jane Hague
Council District 6  
516 Third Ave., Rm. 1200
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-477-1006
Toll Free: 800-325-6165
TTY/TDD: 206-296-1024
Fax: 206-296-0398

July 27, 2015
County Council offers increased support for arts and cultural programs
“This windfall will benefit our local arts, cultural and historic preservation projects while further enhancing, economic development, livability efforts and tourism.”

July 20, 2015
County Council approves task force to investigate creation of immigrant and refugee commission
“Our region’s population is becoming increasingly diverse with immigrants and refugees being a big part of that picture. As the characteristics of our county shift, we need to ensure that county services are responsive to the changing needs in our community.”

July 20, 2015
County Council unanimously confirms appointment of Patty Hayes as Director of Public Health – Seattle & King County
“Patty Hayes has the vision, experience and passion needed to be the Director of Public Health.”

July 1, 2015
Statement on the passage of Cultural Access Legislation
“After 10 years, we finally have a tool that we can take to the voters. Ideally we will be able to provide families and young people in King County with an opportunity to connect with local arts, science and heritage activities regardless of family income levels, social status or education. It will also provide programs to meet our affordable housing and mental health challenges. Passage of 2263 is a first step toward realizing a dream of equal access to these opportunities for all the citizens of King County.”

June 26, 2015
Statement on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Marriage Equality
“Today is a good day for all Americans!  Clearly, as a nation, we have moved beyond this as a partisan issue. This is about celebrating the love of two people, wherever they live in this country.”

June 22, 2015
County Council recognizes Grammy Award winning Seattle Symphony
“It was an honor and a pleasure to highlight this latest in a long string of honors bestowed upon our Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Even though this is their very first Grammy, I’m confident there will be more in their future.”

June 15, 2015
County Council approves new priorities for assisting children and youth
“Economic stability, reliable health care and a wide range of educational choices for all our youth are critical components for a healthy, livable community. Thanks to the many committed community members and public servants that crafted these priorities to ensure that all our children have the opportunity to seek their full potential--now the work begins!”

June 15, 2015
Council adopts call for equity of services for homeless youth
“I appreciate the work of the Homeless Youth and Young Adult Initiative and its Project EQTY. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect while acquiring access to the services that will help them thrive in our community.”

May 20, 2015
Connecting youth to the arts: Committee of the Whole's Town Hall explores the power of youth arts engagement to change lives
“Although there are many competing priorities surrounding caring for our youth, it’s important to recognize the unique role that arts and cultural activities play in the lives of youth.”

May 11, 2015
Recognizing officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice
“These brave men and women that we are recognizing during Police Week are among the first responders that protect our families and homes. We should never forget to recognize and thank them for all that they do and the risks they take.”

May 11, 2015
Equity and social justice, alternatives for unincorporated communities and public outreach highlight work plan for King County Comprehensive Plan
“The Scoping Motion provides a look forward to the major review of the King County Comprehensive Plan that takes place every four years. We will be looking at options for meeting our housing needs and addressing land use issues that minimize transportation burdens.”

May 4, 2015
Celebrating the power of the arts in school: County Council recognizes May as Arts Education Month
“The arts can be a powerful motivational tool in our schools. And every student can benefit from exposure to the creativity, imagination and initiative that an arts program brings to the classroom.”

May 1, 2015
Hague: Transit service receives financial boost from fuel savings
“I want to thank the Executive for following the guidelines outlined in Council Motion 2015-0067 and for working with the Council to find new ways to keep our Metro service running.”

April 27, 2015
Bonding time: County Council establishes policy to provide employees 12 weeks of paid parental and family leave
“I look forward to working with the Executive on opportunities for parental leave. Parents should not have to choose between family and work.”

April 27, 2015
County employees prepare for “working retirement” Council approves transfer of surplus vanpool van to organizations throughout King County
“These vans help continue to tie kids with services and opportunities from great organizations like Youth Eastside Services, Friendship Adventures and Young Women Empowered.”

April 27, 2015
Collaboration for the next generation: County Council hears from County Executive on efforts to assist young people
“This proposal is grounded in the Council’s Youth Action Plan. The voters will be expecting an investment in outcomes, transparency and oversight.”

April 13, 2015
Council Town Hall to explore how our local food and farm system contributes to the health and economic vitality of our region
“I am delighted to kick off our Council’s in-District meeting series with our focus on our King County food and farm issues. As spring settles in, our local bounty deserves attention.”

April 1, 2015
Hague: Phillips' work on Council forms a “Lasting Legacy”
“His passion for our government is exemplary. As a national leader and innovator, he understood and promoted the importance of County services.”

March 31, 2015
Councilmember Hague, Assessor Hara to host Eastside Town Halls on Property Values
Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Jane Hague and King County Assessor Lloyd Hara will host two town halls in Bellevue and Kirkland. These public meetings will be an opportunity for East King County residents to learn more about how property values are established, how property taxes are calculated, and where the money goes.

March 30, 2015
County Council calls for action on improving wage equity and promoting family friendly workplace policies
“I am proud to be a co-sponsor of this motion that encourages family-friendly workplaces and wage equity throughout King County.”

March 9, 2015
Phillips, McDermott and Hague to lead County Council in 2015
“I am proud to continue as Vice Chair for the 13th largest county in the U.S. I look forward to continuing our work on positive issues that will keep our citizens safe, healthy and economically successful.”

March 9, 2015
Bellevue resident Heather Trescases appointed to serve on the King County Culture Development Authority (4Culture)
“4Culture will benefit from Heather’s vast experience in historic preservation and non-profit administration. Her Eastside perspective will make her a great asset for the 4Culture Development Authority.”

March 3, 2015
Council wants to see where county could use savings from lower fuel costs
“The opportunity to reprogram unanticipated funds to help stabilize rates and increase services was something I believed the Council could not pass up.”

March 2, 2015
Council sends measure to fund replacement of regional emergency radio system to the ballot
“This proposed ‘new generation’ public safety communications system will be available to our city, district and county first responders. “I ask the voters to carefully consider this replacement of our current radio system.”

March 2, 2015
Council adopts updated goals, guidelines for County’s Strategic Plan
“Since 2010, the Council’s Strategic Plan has made considerable strides towards fiscal sustainability and improving the way King County operates as a whole. Its strength is the updating of goals and guidelines to keep our citizens safe, health, mobile and economically successful while addressing public health, public safety, transit and helping our most vulnerable populations.”

February 17, 2015
More buses in Seattle: County Council approves contract for city to purchase additional transit
“This groundbreaking partnership was made possible with the collaboration of the city and the county. As approved by Seattle voters, this contract increases service hours, targets underserved corridors and relieves overcrowding.”

January 26, 2015
County Council gives its unanimous support to King County’s federal legislative agenda
“Support for our efforts with the Eastside Rail Corridor is one of many important parts of this agenda.”

January 26, 2015
Metropolitan King County Council declares "See Blue Week"
“See Blue Week will show the world that our team is supported by the best fans in the world: The 12’s!”

December 8, 2014
Providing revenue options, maintaining the safety net, providing local options for transportation highlight King County’s state legislative agenda
“Emphasizing regional cooperation to improve infrastructure and to support our economy and jobs, this agenda includes roads and transit, public safety and human services issues.”

November 17, 2014
King County’s first biennial budget highlights secure families and communities as it meets mandated responsibilities
“We have worked very hard on internal rate stabilization, cost containment and organizational reforms. Without these efforts, we could not have faced the tough choices and still been able to provide this budget’s level of service in public health, public safety and infrastructure.”

November 10, 2014
Happy Birthday Washington! County Council recognizes 125th Anniversary of statehood
“A State that began with a telegram has, in the last 125 years, made the world smaller and more accessible with aircraft, more interlinked with cellular technology and more innovative with software, e-commerce and high tech advances.”

October 31, 2014
Variety of budget priorities discussed at public meetings on 2015-2016 County Budget
“With so many compelling priorities, it is important to listen to the public. Thanks to the many who attended our public hearings.”

October 28, 2014
Public health officials tell County Council Committee they’re actively preparing for potentially monitoring and treating Ebola patients
“I wanted to thank those involved with Harborview and Public Health—Seattle & King County for their continued diligence in preparing for patients who may have contracted the Ebola virus. The public should be assured that they are training, drilling and staying in communication with the CDC and regional partners on a daily basis.” 

October 13, 2014
County Council confirms William Hayes as new Director of the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention
“Willy Hayes is a director from the ranks. As a Commander of the Maleng Regional Justice Center, this 30-year veteran has had first-hand experience with all the critical aspects of this position.”

October 2, 2014
520 report highlights government and community collaboration on Eastside Transit Project
“This community outreach effort exemplifies regional collaboration for results. Every level of government involved in this project rolled up its sleeves to help the communities along 520 adjust to bus route changes and construction work.”

September 26, 2014
Council approves strengthening relationship with “sister municipality” Kaohsiung, Republic of China (Taiwan)
”We have to think differently and creatively to solve problems and create new opportunities for our region. Partnerships and collaborations play an important role in how the County moves forward in this new economy.”

September 22, 2014
Three panels will direct County Council’s review of Executive’s Proposed Biennial Budget
“I will continue my work on making the General Fund more sustainable and focus on minimizing overhead rates to increase service.”

July 21, 2014
County Council approves transit service reductions compromise, preventing cuts to 200,000 service hours
“Passing this legislation with a unanimous majority signals the County Council’s interest in listening to the voters and continuing the hard work of putting service on the streets despite financial challenges.”

July 7, 2014
Council approves blueprint for negotiations on operation of Harborview
“Between implementation of the Affordable Care Act and changing economic conditions, times have changed since we last contracted for management of Harborview Medical Center. This legislation provides our vision and principles for how we believe a County hospital should be run.”

June 11, 2014
County Council gives approval for construction of Factoria Transfer Station replacement
“The much needed update of this facility is based on a careful review of our solid waste needs. This state of the art facility is supported by our Bellevue partners and the process has helped us identify a solid contractor.”

June 11, 2014
Council approves revised plan for solid waste system that reflects reduction in volume received
“Outreach and transparency has been essential to forming this new, money-saving plan and would not be effective without collaboration or our city partners. I appreciate all of the work that has been conducted by the Solid Waste Division, King County Auditor’s Office and King County Council to ensure that the solid waste transfer system is right sized to provide appropriate services at predictable and competitive rates.”

May 27, 2014
New careers for hard working county employees: Council approves transfer of surplus vanpool van to organizations throughout King County
“These van transfers repurpose County vehicles so that agencies supporting our youth, elderly and other underserved populations get connected to the vital community services they need.”

May 19, 2014
Council Council’s 2014 Equity and Social Justice work plan will consider impacts of bus service reduction
“This reaffirmation of our principles will focus our outreach to those most affected by the proposed transit cuts. This will foster more inclusive and accessible public processes in communities where our citizens are impacted.”

May 12, 2014
County Council recognizes and honors officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice
“Our heartfelt thanks to these men and women who put their lives on the line every day to serve us and protect us and our thanks to the families who share them with us.”

May 5, 2014
County Council recognizes May as Arts Education Month in King County
“Arts Education Month is an opportunity to celebrate the partnerships in King County that encourage youth to participate in the visual, literary and performing arts. The arts help them not only develop imagination and creativity but also skills in communication, critical thinking and problem solving.”

April 7, 2014
County Council accepts report from committee reviewing development of Eastside Rail Corridor
“The Regional Advisory Council has reached a milestone and affirmed future collaboration on this ‘corridor for the ages.’ It is great to have the partners and owners engaged and we look forward to public involvement along the way.”

March 17, 2014
Celebrating their strength: King County proclaims March “Women’s History Month”
“King County has been fortunate enough to cultivate many homegrown woman leaders. Women’s History Month gives us an opportunity to recognize these leaders and explore how women have played a role in shaping our society.”

March 17, 2014
Civics lesson: King County Council gives unanimous support to effort to increase “Civics Literacy”
“Ben Franklin said that ‘Democracy must be learned by each generation.’ It is my hope that the “Civics for All” Initiative will become a catalyst and role model for the spread of this vital knowledge among all young people.”

February 24, 2014
County Council approves transit fare increase, creation of low-income fare program
“These low-income fares will help provide the needed mobility for access to jobs, education and medical care for individuals, families and the homeless affected by our challenging economy.”

February 24, 2014
Council adopts plan to place human trafficking information in key locations across King County
“Even in our neighborhoods, children as young as eleven years old are sold into slavery--a travesty from which they cannot recover. The more we can do to fight this through public awareness and assuring victims that the WARN network is there to help, the better.”

February 24, 2014
County Council unanimously supports funding mechanism for cultural programs
“This initiative allows Washington's 39 counties, as they see fit, to enhance livability, economic development and social justice through investment in the arts.”

February 10, 2014
County Council prepared to partner with Executive on confronting inequities; climate change
“I agree with the Executive that that we need ‘equity and opportunity’ for all residents of King County. We need continued focus, with our regional partners, to deliver quality services that keep families healthy, keep high skilled jobs in the region and make education accessible to fill those jobs.”

February 3, 2014
King County Council recognizes Dr. Donald Davidson on his retirement from the Bellevue City Council
“Today we are recognizing an individual whose name is synonymous with public service. Don Davidson also put his heart and soul into good government, planning and community involvement.”

January 27, 2014
County Council completes 2014 reorganization with appointment of committee chairs
“In the spirit of the strategic plan, this Council continues to place an important emphasis on regional coordination. As Chair of the Committee of the Whole, leading the charge on building lasting regional partnerships will be an exciting leadership role for me in 2014.”

January 27, 2014
County Council, Executive join “12th Man” in shouting GO HAWKS!!!
“After a magical season that showcased the incredible efforts of the players, coaches and the 12th Man, I say ‘Go Seahawks!’”

January 22, 2014
New law prioritizes Children and Youth
“The Youth Action Plan ensures that coordination of youth services is maximized among all of our partner organizations. I welcome the depth of representation of the stakeholders and see an opportunity to have young people be part of task force as well.”

January 13, 2014
County Council adopts federal legislative agenda that builds on King County’s Strategic Plan
“The federal government is our strategic partner that enables us to leverage infrastructure to promote jobs and a more vibrant economy.”

January 13, 2014
Promoting awareness to end Slavery and Human Trafficking
“We must not only make today a day of awareness but also a year of action. I ask citizens to join us in identifying victims and to help end this travesty by assuring its victims that we are here to help.”

December 16, 2013
Phillips, Hague and McDermott to lead Council in 2014
“I am proud to lead the 14th largest county in the U.S. forward on positive issues that will move the economy and budget in a bipartisan organization.”

December 16, 2013
Colleagues recognize, say goodbye to Councilmember Julia Patterson
“Julia brought keen insights to public policy and expressed her positions with a warmth that encouraged consensus. She will leave a void that will be hard to fill.”

December 9, 2013
Strengthening vital services, transportation options and investing in community assets highlight
King County’s state legislative agenda

“This agenda supports jobs and prosperity through advocacy of critical services like transit and the human services safety net.”

December 9, 2013
King County Council recognizes Robert J. Drewel on his retirement as Executive Director of the Puget Sound Regional Council
“It is my honor to recognize a true icon. Bob is a veteran of countless efforts that improved the lives of citizens throughout the Puget Sound region.”

December 2, 2013
Council adopts legislation restricting detention of immigration detainees
“Balancing the importance of public safety with that of personal safety is essential. The amendment I sponsored creates an oversight group to review these policies next year, ensuring this balance.”

November 18, 2013
County Council recognizes Youth Eastside Services as it celebrates 45 years of assisting young people
“There is so much to be proud of and, yet, so much to be done in the future. YES continues to grow and reach out to families and their children that are healing.”

November 18, 2013
Council approves employee donations to Typhoon survivors
“This action gives our very generous employees options for their giving on behalf of the victims in the Philippines and any future disaster. Thanks in advance to everyone donating to these efforts during this time of great need.”

November 12, 2013
Services, stability highlight 2014 King County Budget
“Our priority during this budget process was to continue King County’s legacy of delivering quality services that keep us prosperous, safe and healthy. Using ‘LEAN’s’ continuous improvement principles, we have collaboratively done so, and in record time.”

October 28, 2013
County Council approves “Blueprint” for implementing Department of Public Defense
“The public should feel comforted by the strong structure, leadership and financial accountability built into this groundbreaking and multi-faceted infrastructure for public defense.”

October 21, 2013
Modernizing regional solid waste system: County joins forces with local governments on planning
future of transfer stations
“This extension of the interlocal agreement for solid waste extends regional contracts from 2028 to 2040 and enables the sale of long-term bonds for the modernization of the transfer system while keeping rates lower. This is another shining example of the importance of our long-term regional partnerships in King County.”

October 21, 2013
“Blueprint” for implementing Department of Public Defense sent to the County Council
“This public defense model will continue to provide the public a system that is exemplary due to its strong structure, leadership and financial accountability. I look forward to seeing this take shape.”

October 14, 2013 
County Council calls on state Legislature to hold special session to address transportation funding
“It is essential that the legislature call a special session and pass a transportation package that will meet our urgent need for stable and on-going transportation funding. This package must have funding tools, including local options that will give voters an opportunity to choose the level of service they are willing to support.”

October 14, 2013
King County leaders recognize Disability Awareness Month
“This month of awareness recognizes the contributions that those with disabilities contribute to the workplace and their communities. I am proud of King County’s efforts to utilize the talents and skills of our own staff with disabilities.”

September 23, 2013
Council’s Budget Leadership Team to continue emphasis on efficiencies and innovation in development of County’s 2014 Budget
“Our priority continues to be delivering quality services that keep King County prosperous, safe and healthy.”

September 19, 2013 
Ensuring that King County’s young people can reach their full potential: County leaders propose Youth Action Plan
“It’s exciting to know that some of the most committed public servants in King County will be working to ensure that all our children have the opportunity to seek their full potential.”

September 16, 2013 
County Council accepts report outlining King County Sheriff Deputy’s memorial
“It is fitting to honor these 16 deputies who made the ultimate sacrifice in the protection of our King County citizens. I sincerely hope that this memorial will provide some measure of comfort to the families and friends they left behind, as well as honoring the example they set for future generations.”

September 9, 2013
Ensuring transportation access for all: Panel recommends development of low-income transit fare
“This is a start to finding an effective way to have those challenged by the economy participate in a low income fare program. This would help them get access to employment, medical care, child care and the other needs of their daily lives.”

September 9, 2013
County Council appoints Tana Senn to State House
“Tana Senn’s appointment comes at a critical time as Olympia struggles with a transportation package as well as the on-going discussion of the tolling of Interstate 90. As a Mercer Island City Councilmember, her leadership on these issues will be welcome.”

July 26, 2013
King County Parks Receives $750,000 State Grant for Northshore Athletic Fields
"This is about the kids and a great example of the community, county and state working together to provide for their needs in these challenging times."

July 22, 2013
Council accepts plan for integrated health and human service programs
“We are changing the way health and human services work in King County. We have gone from talking about money, to talking about outcomes first and then money.  We are now poised to address funding needs based on a plan developed with key members of the health and human services community. This is a plan to address outcomes for the holistic well-being of individuals, families and the community.”

July 1, 2013
County Council sends voters Charter Amendment on the organization of public defense
“This proposed charter amendment was the result of a Supreme Court decision and the voters will now have a voice on the future of our public defense system.”

June 27, 2013
Charter amendment on the organization of public defense sent to County Council for final action
“As a result of a Washington Supreme Court decision, this charter amendment we are placing in front of the voters preserves the excellence of our public defense system.”

June 24, 2013
King County honors first group of HERO Program graduates
“Congratulations to the graduates of a program that helps our returning veterans successfully compete for jobs. It has the potential to be an example for implementation by other public and private entities.”

June 10, 2013
Councilmembers advocate prevention of elder abuse
“World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is a reminder that we need to be vigilant to make every day a day where we watch out for and protect the vulnerable among our senior citizens.”

June 3, 2013
Voters to decide in November on six-year levy for Medic One services
“I welcome having the voters of King County review and consider reaffirming Medic One’s nationally recognized services for the next six years. The stakeholder inspired strategic plan for the next six years builds on Medic One’s historical success and legacy.”

May 28, 2013
Surplus Vanpool vans prepare for new careers: Council approves donations to organizations throughout County
“These van donations continue to support agencies that support our youth, elderly and other underserved populations so they may get to their vital community connections.”

May 24, 2013
Councilmembers: Inspections and funding for maintenance vital for transportation infrastructure
“This tragedy is a stark reminder of the challenge facing us within the State Legislature. We currently do not have the financing needed to maintain these aging structures. As the Legislature continues working on the State budget, local jurisdictions throughout the State have a critical need for local option funding tools just to maintain and preserve our existing roads and bridges.”

May 23, 2013
Hague, Lambert recognized for their efforts to aid survivors of domestic violence
”I am humbled receiving from Judy Maleng LifeWire's Norm Maleng Award along with Kathy Lambert for our domestic violence advocacy. It is especially poignant to me as Norm Maleng was my mentor, friend, confident and ally. Norm Maleng was a tireless advocate for children and youth and exemplified exceptional leadership and tireless commitment to ending domestic violence.”

May 20, 2013
County Council adopts interim structure for new Department of Public Defense with four separate divisions
“This interim structure is a commitment that the clients will continue to receive the same quality of legal representation they are entitled to during the transition.”

May 20, 2013
King County Council Honors Congressman Norm Dicks
“Norm Dicks is an icon. His legacy joins those of Jackson and Magnuson.”

May 20, 2013
King County proclaims Emergency Medical Services Week
“This week recognizes the vital work of our emergency medical first responders for being on the ‘front-line.’ It also recognizes their commitment to the CPR training they give to citizens throughout the region who assist them on the front-line.”

May 13, 2013
County Council recognizes officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice
“It is fitting to honor those protecting the public, and to recognize the families that support them. Our heartfelt thanks to these men and women who put their lives on the line every day to serve us and protect us and our thanks to the families who share them with us.”

May 6, 2013
County Council approves blueprint for emergency medical service system
“This stakeholder and task force inspired ‘blueprint’ builds on the historical success and legacy of what has become a national model. In these challenging times this strategic plan mandates essential support to the system while encouraging efficiencies, innovation and leadership.”

April 29, 2013
Council sends proposed parks levy to August ballot
“This levy vote is our citizen’s opportunity to weigh in on how our King County Parks contribute to healthy lifestyles, and enhance our communities while protecting public lands as a legacy for future generations.”

April 15, 2013
Building on the present, preparing for the future:  Council unanimously adopts 2013  Equity and Social Justice work plan
“This work plan reaffirms our commitment to ‘robust civic Engagement.’ It documents our commitment to equity and social justice especially for those who have been historically underserved.”

April 8, 2013
County Council acts to keep largest piece of unprotected forestland remaining in King County from development
“Protecting the White River Forest is a great example of how environmental stewardship and development can peacefully coexist.”

March 30, 2013
County, partners and community celebrate Eastside Rail Corridor public ownership
"Literally and figuratively, King County’s portion will not only provide a link to recreational opportunities between cities and our trail network, but it preserves the opportunity to connect people with jobs and services throughout the eastern side of the county."

March 18, 2013
County Council appoints Ketu Shah to fill vacancy in King County District Court
“We had an exceptionally ‘well qualified’ pool of candidates—my sincere thanks to those who sought to serve, and congratulations and good luck to Judge Shah, our new appointee!”

March 18, 2013
County Council approves proposed settlement with public defense employees
“It is important that public defense employees will have benefits similar to others in the criminal justice system.”

February 11, 2013
Council approves members of Advisory Council for Eastside Rail Corridor
“I’m delighted to be working with these leaders from around the region, our fellow owners of this crucial resource. We have agreed to work together to develop a shared vision for how we will coordinate the corridor’s development.”

February 11, 2013
King County Council appoints Rod Dembowski to fill vacancy in County Council District 1
“I look forward to working with Councilmember Dembowski in my role as Vice Chair for Regional Coordination.”

February 4, 2013
County Council ready to focus on Executive’s plans to strengthen King County’s “infrastructure”
“I agree with the Executive that ‘people are the center of what we do.’ We need to continue focusing on how well we work with our regional partners in delivering quality competitive services that keep families healthy and jobs in the region.”

January 22, 2013
Council approves members of advisory panel on transit mobility
“We want to ensure that our underserved populations have access to jobs and services. This committee will review and discuss the options available for those citizens for which Metro is their only option.”

January 14, 2013
Gossett, Hague and Patterson to lead County Council in 2013
“This Council is clearly placing an important emphasis on regional affairs by appointing me Council Vice Chair of Regional coordination. In the spirit of the strategic plan, leading the charge on building lasting regional partnerships will be an exciting leadership role for me in 2013, especially my focus on long-term planning for the Eastside Rail Corridor.”

January 14, 2013
King County and coalitions promote awareness of human trafficking
“I am very proud of the work that King County has done to help eliminate this dehumanizing crime. To maximize the efforts of agencies like the Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network, the 2013 budget calls for Sheriff’s Department and public health to focus on coordinating the battle against human trafficking at all levels of government.”

January 14, 2013
Colleagues recognize, say goodbye to Councilmember Bob Ferguson
“Our State will benefit from his determined spirit, sharp intellect and his razor-like focus. Thanks for your years of hard work on behalf of King County residents.”

December 10, 2012
Regional cooperation for a regional asset: County Council creates regional panel for Eastside Rail Corridor
“By approving the public’s ownership of the Eastside Rail Corridor, we are planting the seeds for future generations of economic benefits through transportation options. And also livability by expanding health and recreational opportunities within the trails of the corridor.”

December 10, 2012
Council adopts state legislative agenda that focuses on increasing revenue options, sustaining safety net
“The proposed reorganization of the State Senate is evidence that the public’s wish to find meaningful solutions is being acknowledged. This is our opportunity to collaborate on our critical joint challenges including roads and transit, human services, and safety issues.”

December 3, 2012
Strengthening protection of open space, integrating County Strategic Plan: Council adopts update of
County land use policies

“Every four years we work hard to come to an agreement on a comprehensive plan that balances economic development with urban and rural priorities and environmental protection—this final proposal, for the most part, achieves the balance we seek.”

November 13, 2012
Meeting current needs, focusing on the future: County Council adopts 2013 King County Budget
“I am proud to say that despite these tough economic times, this budget stands up to the test of fiscal responsibility, respect and care for all who reside within county borders.”

November 5, 2012
Council calls for an accountable and integrated health and human services plan
“In these times, we need agencies and organizations to work together. The process we adopted today will help identify efficient ways to provide the best possible service.”

October 29, 2012
Council adopts internship program for military “HEROS” in King County
“This program will help our returning veterans successfully compete for jobs. It has the potential to be an example for implementation by other public and private entities.”

October 15, 2012
County Council adopts amended SODO arena plan
“There are many miles to go and promises to keep. This begins the process of measuring environmental, economic and transportation impacts on not only the SODO site but other sites that also may emerge.”

October 8, 2012
Ensuring transportation access for all: Council creates advisory panel on transit mobility
“We will work closely with the executive and the committee to evaluate and formulate proposals for the underserved and homeless impacted by the current economic conditions as well as the transit changes that have occurred over the last year.”

October 8, 2012
Council confirms appointment of David Chapman as Director of the Office of Public Defense
“Mr. Chapman is an outstanding choice for the office of public defense and we look forward to working with him.”

October 1, 2012
County Council thanks Bill Block for directing effort to end homelessness
“Bill’s legacy is his persistence to break the cycle of homelessness, most notably by his role in making more housing available and creating a ‘one stop shop’ for those needing housing.”

September 24, 2012
Council’s Budget Leadership Team to develop a 2013 Budget that integrates King County Strategic Plan
“This is the second year we have used the strategic plan. While the budget has only increased half of one percent we have economized, prioritized and reformed. We will provide the same services much more efficiently-we own our problems and are doing something about it.”

September 24, 2012
Council Vice Chair Hague: This is not the time to raise rates beyond inflation
“I did not support this increase as it is over 10 percent and significantly above inflation while tonnage has dropped by 20 percent. It’s also a 50 percent increase over the last five years.”

September 19, 2012
Council Committee advances proposed King County Comprehensive Plan update to full council
“The proposal we’re sending to the full council is the result of hundreds of hours of review and citizen involvement. But it is still not a finished document. We look forward to receiving more public input on this proposal before our final vote.”

September 17, 2012
Buses and beyond: Council accepts report implementing transit alternatives
“Productive routes take time to germinate—this plan to identify innovative approaches to alternative and ‘right-sized’ transit with the help of community stakeholders, will help make our transit system more viable and should increase ridership. This is especially important for our suburban fringes.”

September 17, 2012
Council approves working “retirement”  for County vans
“These van donations continue to help fulfill our strategic plan by enhancing the ability of our youth, elderly and other underserved populations get to the vital services they need.”

September 10, 2012
Increasing transparency, strengthening cooperation: Council adopts creation of Performance Management Action Team
“This team will further enhance the process of how we measure the progress we are making on the implementation of our strategic plan and how that progress will be reflected in future county budgets.”

August 27, 2012
King County Council recognizes 30 Years of Conservation Futures
“The enduring legacy of this program is its significant contribution to our environment and thus our quality of life.”

July 30, 2012
Council adopts amended SODO arena agreement
“It is time to get started. This does not presuppose the final outcome, nor other mid-step votes but this is a great opening salvo.”

July 16, 2012
County Council recognizes accreditation of fingerprint lab
“AFIS is an essential tool in King County’s arsenal of crime prevention and detection assets. It continues to make a difference and its recent international accreditation is just one more measure of the value AFIS provides the citizens of King County.”

July 9, 2012
Council approves cooperative agreement for construction of south Kirkland transit project
“I believe that this initiative provides an innovative and integrated gateway to Kirkland and South Bellevue. It also provides housing opportunities for those who work and live in the area and includes 58 affordable housing units.”

July 9, 2012 
County Council approves contract for provision of regional animal services
“This model partnership between the county and municipalities will bring consistent, cost-effective and compassionate solutions to our animal control challenges.”

July 9, 2012
County Council appoints Dino Rossi to State Senate
“We are honored to have someone of the stature and experience of Dino Rossi to serve the citizens of the district in the high priority area of constituent services.”

June 25, 2012
Council acts to expand affordable housing units created by North Lot project
"Today's action will give professionals and working families more ability to make downtown a place to live and work in a manner that also meets our goals for sustainability."

June 18, 2012
County Council, Port Commissioners discuss opportunities to strengthen regional collaboration
“Today is an historic occasion for which I say: ‘it’s about time.’ In our increasingly complex economy and society, I think it’s more important than ever that our bodies talk together and coordinate our efforts.”

May 24, 2012
Hague: Results of traffic study, Elway poll first step in “identifying solutions” for potential arena
“We are an innovative region that can get to ‘yes’ when warranted. This is our legacy and I call for us to continue to resolve these issues by bringing creative minds together, reaching out to voters, leaders and ‘customers’ providing the owners and our region the best chance of success.”

May 21, 2012
Council approves interlocal agreement tied to annexation of Eastgate, Tamara Hills, and Horizon View communities
“These neighborhoods are the last unincorporated urban ‘island’ in District 6 and the citizens will benefit immensely by getting more services for less cost.”

May 21, 2012
Greater community access, engagement part of Council’s equity and justice goals for 2012
“Significantly, in these challenging times, this initiative includes outreach and public forums where our citizens live and work. As Lincoln said ‘We must think anew and act anew.’ This plan will work well if we not only commit to listen but also to act.”

May 17, 2012
Hague: Transportation solutions vital to overall arena plan
“This proposal is also a timely opportunity to fix the inadequacies of transportation access in and out of south downtown and West Seattle. While there is adequate mass transit to the current and proposed facility, there are other issues to consider: road transportation for residents and working people, as well as freight mobility for area businesses—including the Port of Seattle—will transition from inadequate to worse.”

April 30, 2012
Neighborhood, lacrosse group and County team up to create playfield at Big Finn Hill Park
“This initiative will make a huge contribution to our livability in both recreation and quality of life. All involved have worked very hard to balance the needs of our student athletes while respecting the needs of neighbors that live near Big Finn Hill.”

April 16, 2012
Council calls on Legislature to provide counties with revenue options for transportation
“This resolution strongly reaffirms our need for local revenue options from the legislature. The alternative will be the closing bridges and streets, using gravel rather than paving others streets and cutting transit. It is timely and needed now more than ever.”

March 26, 2012
County Council seeks to expand ORCA card system
“ORCA cards have proven to be a fast and easy way to for local riders to pay for their transit fares. However, we need to find a way to expand access to these cards. Studies have shown that if you make paying for transit easy, more riders will use it.”

March 26, 2012
County Council thanks King County Sheriff Sue Rahr
“Sheriff Rahr has led the King County Sherriff’s Department with distinction over the course of some very challenging times. Since her appointment in 2005, I’ve enjoyed working with her and I wish Sherriff Rahr the very best as she beings the next chapter of her professional life.”

March 19, 2012
Council gives its support for designation of Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area
“The Mountains to Sound Greenway has been a bold vision which has been masterfully executed. This area absolutely needs to be a National Heritage site.”

March 19, 2012
County Council recognizes Seattle Opera Director Speight Jenkins
“Speight Jenkins has made a passionate contribution to arts and culture in King County. During his thirty years he’s transformed the Seattle Opera into a world-class organization.”

March 15, 2012
Councilmembers on Rahr resignation: “A legacy of service to the people of King County”
“Sherriff Rahr has been an outstanding leader for our community and I commend her for her 32 years of service to the people of King County,” said Council Vice Chair Jane Hague. “She is leaving behind some very big shoes to fill.”

March 5, 2012
Ferguson and Hague lead effort to increase minority language representation on Citizens’ Election Oversight Committee
“The CEOC has also been a successful sounding board for the community as a whole and is a vital connection to King County’s minority communities.”

March 5, 2012
Council adopts plan identifying interim steps to tackle climate change
“By reducing our emissions and focusing on the integration of new, green technologies, King County can save a lot of money and gain efficiency.”

February 27, 2012
County Council adopts climate change plan that incorporates goals of Countywide Strategic Plan
“This is a mutually beneficial objective – for taxpayers and the environment. By reducing emissions and energy costs, King County can save money. I look forward to seeing the proposed plan.”

February 22, 2012
County committee advances actions to address climate change
“By making King County government green, we can save some ‘green.’ Reducing energy use benefits everyone, including our pocketbooks.”

February 22, 2012
County applauds Inslee and Cantwell for preventing auction of radio spectrum used by local public safety systems
"In order to better serve our citizens, King County needs certainty in its public safety communications. Thankfully, this new provision protects the county's considerable investment in emergency communications."

February 6, 2012 
Council hails Executive’s call for regional partnership for economic revival
“I appreciate the Executive’s continued emphasis on creativity and collaboration. It’s important that we maintain our ‘smart and scrappy’ mentality so that as a government, we can continue to improve the way King County delivers services.”

February 2, 2012
Kirkland town hall meeting with Councilmembers Ferguson and Hague draws large crowd
“I was inspired last night by the large turnout of youth and their families, who were eager to discuss the issues that really matter to them. Kirkland is a great community to represent and I thought we had a really productive conversation.”

January 30, 2012
Gossett, Hague to continue as County Council Chair, Vice Chair in 2012
“I look forward continuing the healthy spirit of collaboration on the Council. King County has achieved a lot over the last several years, but it’s critical that the Council maintain its focus on maximizing taxpayer dollars and improving service delivery.”

January 30, 2012
Council adopts transit service changes that invests additional service hours on high use bus routes
“This is another step in the long march towards reforming how Metro serves King County riders. Eastsiders over the course of this process are also going to see an overall increase in their service hours.”

January 17, 2012
Protection of basic services, stable transportation funding and consolidation of special districts top County’s 2012 state Legislative Agenda
“King County, like the state, has had to face a difficult budget reality over the last several years. It’s important that the County use coordinated strategies and alliances in order to promote a strong regional and statewide economy.”

January 11, 2012
Local elected officials highlight solutions to region’s human trafficking problem
“As a major trade center, our region is a natural staging area for human trafficking. I am very proud of the work that King County has done to help eliminate this dehumanizing crime, including the first successful prosecution in Washington State. It is critical that we continue to shine a light on this issue, and work together with other local governments to increase the pressure on offenders.”

January 10, 2012
King County, Seattle, Port promote awareness of human trafficking

November 9, 2011
County Council approves “humane, efficient” 2012 King County Budget
“We continue reforming how the county does business by reducing health care costs, providing predictable rates for building permits, utilizing the LEAN program and creating online filing for tax appeals. Innovative reforms such as these help maintain our AAA bond rating that puts more taxpayer money back into services.”

October 24, 2011
Council approves funds to maintain and expand 737 production in Washington
“The aerospace industry and Boeing have been a critical part of our community’s economic vitality for decades. King County must be a partner with business in increasing our regional competitiveness and encouraging job growth.” 

October 23, 2011
Statement from County Council Vice Chair Jane Hague on the passing of State Senator Scott White
“While nothing will make-up for the loss, my heartfelt condolences go to his wife Alison and their two young children. The legacy of Scott’s thoughtful public service should give them some measure of comfort.”

October 17, 2011
Council made aware of troubling trends in effort to reduce domestic violence and sexual assault
in King County
“Even ten years ago it would’ve been difficult to have this discussion. Fortunately we can now open this channel of communication and brainstorm ways to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence, and treat survivors. ”

October 17, 2011
Council proclaims October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
“We all know someone in our lives that has been affected by breast cancer. It’s important that we continue the fight to raise awareness, encourage early screening, and honor the survivors of this difficult disease.”

October 11, 2011
Council Committee receives briefing on challenges facing young people
“To hear what young people are going through in our communities in a real wake-up call. These issues aren’t isolated to a specific area of King County. Even affluent areas have their own set of risk factors.”

September 28, 2011
Eastside transit speeds into the future as Metro’s RapidRide B Line debuts this weekend
“It’s more and more important that King County provide fast, convenient and reliable bus service for the Eastside. RapidRide B Line is a huge step towards achieving that goal. I think Eastsiders are really going to like it. It’s also essential that we keep people moving for the sake of our economy and local jobs.”

September 26, 2011
Council’s Budget Leadership Team prepares to tackle realistic 2012 Budget that continues reform of County Government
“Many people in King County are facing a tough economic reality right now. As they tighten their belts, they expect county government to do the same. As Chair of the General Government Panel, I look forward to examining how we can continue to reform King County internally. I hope to expand on the success we’ve had recently in reducing costs and eliminating waste.”

September 19, 2010
Council adopts new payment schedule for road fees
“This legislation strikes a healthy balance. Builders and developers have been heavily impacted by this recession. The new payment schedule is a reasonable solution that gives these businesses some breathing room, while preserving funds for our much-needed county transportation projects.”

September 14, 2011
Community work party, Sept. 15-18, to put finishing touches on 132nd Square Park
“This is a really innovative partnership. Our parks are our community gathering places. The Tully’s grant allows 132nd Square Park to be a national model for people-oriented parks. What we’re seeing here is a real success story and I hope it will be a model for other parks in our region.”

September 13, 2011
County continues to make it easier to do business with government
“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. It's important that King County do what it can to stimulate growth during these difficult times when families are struggling. I'm also pleased to see that there's opportunity here to save taxpayer money through healthy competition.” 

September 12, 2011
County vans sent into “working” retirement by Council
“The work these non-profit organizations do for the Eastside and our greater community is vital. Like everyone else, these organizations have been hit by the tough economic climate. The retired vanpool program is a smart and efficient way for King County to provide a helping hand.”

August 30, 2011
County leaders unite on anti-gang violence initiative
"Gang violence affects our entire community, not just South King County. Programs like these give us the tools necessary to combat gang violence and provide positive opportunities for at-risk young people."

August 15, 2011
Council adopts transit funding plan that includes efficiencies, Congestion Reduction Charge
“In this era of partisan bickering at the federal level, we at King County have bucked the trend. Thanks to efforts made on both sides of the aisle, this new legislation offers real reform for Metro. More importantly it creates jobs, and keeps businesses and people moving.”

August 12, 2011
Hague and Lambert reach breakthrough agreement with County Executive to fund transit
“This is a very different legislative package from what was initially proposed. This deal offers real reform. It cuts waste, creates jobs and provides equity to the Eastside. It’s important we keep people moving while reforming Metro.”

July 25, 2011 
Amendments to sale agreement allows major construction project on former Kingdome parking lot to move forward
“This multi-use and transit oriented development, which includes office, retail, housing—both market and affordable—will help to further revitalize Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood.”

July 11, 2011
Council approves objectives for development of the South Kirkland Park-and-Ride
“This is a landmark agreement between King County and our Eastside city partners. The new South Kirkland Park-and-Ride will be a transformational project. I really look forward to seeing the end result.”

June 27, 2011
Hague applauds providing school districts financial flexibility on student bus passes
“This legislation meets the constrained budgets for education and its unique needs for transit. By working with the districts to keep these passes available, we are encouraging the next generation of transit users.”

May 31, 2011
Council approves legislation providing improved Metro service to Bellevue College
“I want to commend the Bellevue College students that testified before the Council. They really did a good job and this change would not have happened without their activism.”

May 31, 2011
Metro service changes reflect arrival of RapidRide in east King County
“Rapid Ride B Line will provide better linkages to major business centers in Bellevue and Redmond. The short wait times will also make riding the bus a more attractive option for Eastside commuters.”

May16, 2011
Council sets fees for County vehicle plug-in stations
“The $5 cap fee approved today should give the economic viability of electric cars a real jolt.”

May 9, 2011
Report presents effectiveness of mental illness and drug treatment programs
“These programs have saved the county money in the long run by getting certain at-risk individuals and families the help that they need.”  

April 18, 2011
Celebrating environmental awareness: County Council recognizes Earth Day
“Earlier today in a briefing of our Committee of the whole, we were told that 60 percent of business leaders cite ‘environmental surroundings’ as an incentive for doing business in King County. Smart environmental policy is not only important for creating healthy communities, it’s also key to fostering a robust local economy. Reminding ourselves of that is why Earth Day is so important.”

April 4, 2011
Council adopts plan to make land available for neighborhood “farms”
“Community gardens are enjoyable way to bring neighborhoods together. It’s also an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to utilize excess County-owned land. I’m really looking forward to seeing future gardens appear on the Eastside.”

April 4, 2010
Council recognizes April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month
“Sexual Assault Awareness Month gives us an opportunity to educate our community about this ongoing social problem. We also need to acknowledge the good work that many local organizations do everyday to stop sexual violence, and most importantly, help victims.”

March 22, 2011
Bellevue Company honored with top Community Service Award
“The fact that these are such tough economic times makes GLY’s contribution all the more extraordinary. It’s heartwarming to see a local Eastside business so engaged in the community. GLY is a model for other companies nationwide.”

March 14, 2011
Council’s priorities build upon countywide strategic plan
“This is the second year of implementing the Council’s Strategic Plan and we’ve already seen results. The Council has made considerable strides towards fiscal sustainability and improving the way King County operates as a whole.”

March 14, 2011
Celebrating their strength: King County proclaims March “Women’s History Month”
“King County has been fortunate enough to cultivate many homegrown woman leaders. Women’s History Month gives us an opportunity to recognize these leaders and explore how women have played a role in shaping our society.”

March 7, 2010
County Council confirms appointment of David Ramsay to serve on Regional Human Services Levy Oversight Board
“Dave knows Eastside issues and will make reasoned and compassionate decisions. He’ll make a great addition to the Regional Human Services Levy Oversight Board.”

March 7, 2010
Santos Contreras confirmed by Council to serve on Harborview Medical Center Board of Trustees
“Santos is a stellar public servant and a sound businessman.I’m confident he’ll do an excellent job on the Harborview Board.”

March 7, 2010
Funding in place to begin construction of new South Park Bridge
“I want to thank all of our regional partners for working together to secure funding for this important project. The South Park Bridge is a vital economic lifeline for the citizens of south Seattle and I look forward to finally breaking ground.”

February 28, 2011
Councilmembers, Executive ready to work together toward “One King County”
“The Council and the Executive continue to take significant steps towards reforming King County as a whole. The collaborative spirit between branches is inspiring. This is an exciting time to serve and I look forward to the work ahead of us.”

February 14, 2011
County Council recognizes history and contributions of African-Americans
“It’s important we recognize the African-American community’s significant contribution to our country and region. It’s even more appropriate given our county’s great namesake.”

January 31, 2011
Committee of the Whole to meet on Mondays
“The move is simply a result of practical scheduling. This change gives us more time to analyze the tough issues that come before the committee. Ultimately, we’ll be able to get a lot more work done.”

January 10, 2011
Council Confirms Lorraine Patterson as Director of Records and Licensing Services
“To many citizens in King County RALS is the face of the County. It’s one of our most important divisions, since it performs some of the most basic government tasks. Lorraine Patterson has a proven record of successful leadership and I’m sure she’ll do a great job.”

January 10, 2011 
Council confirms Claudia Balducci as Director of King County’s Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention
“This is a critical time for the DAJD. We need a director that has the intelligence, experience, and vision necessary to move the department forward during this troubling period. Claudia Balducci fits that bill.”

January 5, 2011
Town hall meeting to focus on Eastside Transit 
Metropolitan King County Councilmembers Jane Hague and Kathy Lambert will host a public meeting on major transit policies effecting Eastside residents, including the recommendations of the Regional Transit Task Force (RTTF), the panel created to develop a vision for public transportation in King County:

January 3, 2011
Jane Hague reappointed Vice Chair, Chair Committee of the Whole
“With government at a crossroads, this is a very exciting time to lead. The Council has its work cut out for it in 2011 and I’m energized by these challenges. I look forward to working across the aisle and building on the reforms we made in 2010. We need to get King County back on the right track towards fiscal sustainability.”

January 3, 2011
Protection of basic services, funding tools for transit and tax suppression relief at top of County’s Legislative Agenda
“The state, like King County, is facing a critical time when it comes to finding creative ways to finance basic services. This agenda reflects King County’s commitment to providing for essential services and creating a stable source to fund them.”

December 6, 2010
Council adopts funding plan to support acquisition of Maury Island gravel site
“This purchase fulfills King County and the State’s ongoing commitment to protecting our delicate Puget Sound ecosystem. Maury Island is a good investment into our region’s future.”

November 12, 2010
Councilmember Hague Recognizes Eastside Members of the Regional Transit Task Force
“I was very pleased by Eastside’s strong representation on the RTTF. I also commend these individuals for all their time and hard work. This was a big commitment from beginning to end.”

November 8, 2010
Sending transit where it’s needed: Recommendations of Regional Transit Task Force restructures delivery of bus service
“I commend all the RTTF members for the extensive time and effort they put into this report. Their recommendations will be an interesting factor as we continue to discuss the future of Metro Transit.” 

October 25, 2010
Encouraging efficiencies, renewable energy and innovation: Council adopts County Energy Plan
“The 2010 Energy Plan enhances legislation we already have in place. It’s a perfect two for one deal – we have a chance to minimize King County’s environmental impact and, most importantly, save money.”

September 27, 2010
Council extends homebuilding permits for another year
“In these tough times, King County needs to be an active partner in helping out our local businesses. Because of the stalled housing market, many developers are faced with a closing window of time. If these projects revert back to step one, the cost is passed on to the consumer and it only contribute to our region’s market slump.”

September 27, 2010
Council accepts reports on the potential use of solar powered trash compactors
“There’s a real potential here to save money. Smart energy, equals smart dollars. In the current economic climate, we need to continue to think outside the box.”

September 20, 2010
County Council, local farmers celebrate harvest
“Harvest Celebration Days is a chance to celebrate and showcase our thriving agricultural community here in King County. I’ve always believed that we need to continue our work to create new local markets for our growers. Neighborhood farmers markets, for instance, have been very successful on the Eastside.”

September 20, 2010
County Council recognize Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Special Olympics
“Mrs. Shriver’s vision, compassion, and activism on behalf of the disabled are an inspiration. I’d also like to commend the thousands of Special Olympics athletes for their courage and hard work.”

September 14, 2010
Appointment of local business leader Jeff Pyatt to Parks Citizen Oversight Board sent to full County Council
“Jeff’s business and financial background will be a valuable resource for the Parks Citizen Oversight Board as they address the many challenges facing King County’s parks and recreational system in the next few years.”

September 7, 2010
New court security model increases efficiency, saves money
“This shows that we’re not shying away from examining how King County operates at every level. We’re rethinking ways to save money.”

September 7, 2010
Council asks Congress to reauthorize energy grants, surface transportation funding
“Reauthorization of the expired Surface Transportation Act is the key to unlocking gridlock; something that the vast majority of us face every day while sitting in traffic. Not only would it improve our heavily burdened transportation infrastructure, but it would create and retain tens of thousands of jobs.”

September 7, 2010
Council approves sending County vans into “working” retirement
“It’s wonderful that these vans can have a second-life helping those in need. Not only is it a neat idea, but it demonstrates a type of pragmatic frugality that King County should continue to embrace.”

August 23, 2010
Council confirms value of Elections Oversight panel
“The CEOC has had significant success in restoring voter confidence in King County Elections. I’m proud of what we have accomplished, especially since the 2004 debacle. ”

July 26, 2010
Council adopts “blueprint” for a more responsive and unified County Government 
“People are frustrated with government at every level, but the Countywide Strategic Plan is something that the citizens of King County can be proud of. It’s a proactive plan to enhance government service and it includes much needed emphasis on King County’s fiscal sustainability.”

July 19, 2010
Council approves regional control for state Convention Center
“There’s an opportunity here for some real economic development. Today’s legislation allows the Convention Center to be more competitive and financially vibrant - something that should only help King County’s economic recovery.”

July 14, 2010
Comprehensive reforms in labor policy include changes in wages and benefits
“This is the first time in a generation that King County has taken a good, hard look at its labor policies. The County is going to have to undergo some more belt tightening, but this is a significant first step.”

July 6, 2010
Council adopts framework for enhanced cooperation between County and Muckleshoot Tribe
“These meetings open up a significant line of communication between King County and the Muckleshoot Tribe. We face similar issues, and it is great to see that the county and tribe are taking affirmative steps towards a mutually beneficial cooperation.”

June 21, 2010
Council initiates audit of Sheriff’s Office
“Auditing the Sherriff’s Office is a proactive step towards creating a more efficient King County government. A similar performance audit of Metro last year allowed us to prevent cuts in service. Hopefully we can do the same thing here, so we can maximize the amount of service for each taxpayer dollar. In this economic climate our constituents expect us to keep all options on the table when it comes to saving money.”

May 25, 2010
Councilmember Hague’s statement on property tax increase vote
“I’m eager to work out a broad bipartisan solution in which we seriously address King County’s structural budget gap. If this entire process were about ‘voter choice’ as some of my colleagues have suggested, we should at least present them with something we are all committed to. The Council and the Executive have until July 26 to present the voters with a cohesive solution to this problem.”

May 24, 2010
Councilmembers propose “Tax Neutral” solution to County budget crisis
Four members of the Metropolitan King County Council today announced a plan to reprioritize county taxes to support criminal justice. Those Councilmembers voted against a sales tax increase for the August ballot at today’s Council meeting because not enough had been done to reduce the impact on taxpayers.

May 24, 2010
“Rapid Ride” arrives as part of fall transit service improvements
“These are exciting improvements. Today’s legislation provides significant increases in bus service to the eastside suburbs. Bellevue and Kirkland commuters will now have more opportunities to avoid the 520 gridlock.”

May 10, 2010
Former Council Democrats push through partisan resolution praising Obamacare
“I’m a firm believer in government acting as a protector for our society’s most vulnerable. However, the new health care bill is bloated, sloppy government at its worst.”

May 10, 2010
Council encourages development of Community Gardens on County-owned land
“Community gardens offer a great opportunity to promote public health. They foster a viable link between environmental awareness and community viability. We have several in District 6 and they’ve proven to be very popular.”

April 26, 2010
County Council joins effort to expand North Cascades National Park
“The North Cascade Mountain Range is a local and national treasure. The Council’s support of this motion is an important step towards preserving areas that are currently unprotected. The value of the North Cascades to our community and to future generations is immense.”

April 19, 2010
“21st Century Governance” Council adopts priorities for 2010
“The 2010 Priorities are a proactive way of addressing those challenges. These goals are also a significant step in providing a more efficient, transparent, and accountable government.”

April 19, 2010
Four decades of environmental awareness: County Council marks 40th anniversary of Earth Day
“The fact that we’re still celebrating Earth Day is a testament to the vision of its founders. I’m hopeful that we can continue to incorporate these ideas as we build a more vibrant and eco-friendly King County.”

April 12, 2010
Plug and drive: Council adopts policies for electric vehicle charging station program
“As the demand for electric cars increases, the government should to be an active partner in advancing new clean vehicle technology. I’m very pleased that King County is taking a leadership role in creating a local network of charging stations.”

March 29, 2010
Council calls on Defense Department to keep jobs in the region by awarding tanker contract to Boeing
“Boeing has the track record and is a vital part of this region’s economy. The prospect of 8,000 additional jobs in King and Snohomish Counties and a contract worth as much as $35 billion will absolutely be a much needed stimulus to our local economy.”

March 24, 2010
Council committee urges selection of Boeing for tanker contract
“Boeing is a major employer in the Puget Sound Region and a vital part of our local economy. Every month that this contract is up in the air, our region is losing potential jobs and economic benefits.”

March 22, 2010
Repair of Federal Howard Hanson Dam a priority: Council calls on Congress to act on funds for interim and permanent fix
“The safety of our families is of utmost importance. The Army Corps of Engineers has told us the cost of the repairs. It’s time for Congress to act on the Corps request and protect this region.”

March 8, 2010
Councilmembers encouraged by “Blueprint for Reform” presented by County Executive
“I look forward to working with the executive to address the County’s structural deficit through better financial stewardship while creating a culture of service and results.”

March 1, 2010
Council adopts enhanced oversight for County’s high-risk capital projects
“Accountability and oversight are the key ingredients to ensuring a project is finished on time and on budget. The legislation we passed today means King County will start doing a better job in both of those areas.”

March 1, 2010
Council confirms appointments to Regional Transit Task Force
“The work of this task force will be critically important to the future of transportation in our region. I am pleased to see such a broad group of individuals and am particularly excited to see the strong representation from the greater Eastside.”

March 1, 2010
Celebrating the contribution of Women: King County proclaims March “Women’s History Month”
“The contributions of women have shaped our society and our lives in very positive ways. It is imperative that we constantly remember their great works and how they have shaped the lives of future generations.”

February 23, 2010
Council Committee told Metro Transit will not renew security contract
“By adding armed Sheriff’s deputies and Seattle Police officers, we are reassuring the public that the transit tunnels are safe and the actions at the Westlake Station will not be tolerated.”

February 22, 2010
County Council appoints Michael Finkle to serve as new Northeast District Court Judge
“Mr. Finkle has outstanding qualifications to serve on the King County District Court bench. The public is a big winner with his appointment today.”

February 22, 2010
Council says “Thank You” to Metro’s 2,700 transit operators
“If you take the bus this week, please thank your bus driver for the great job they do. These men and women work to make King County more connected and they deserve our appreciation.”

February 1, 2010
Council adopts guidelines that will direct Regional Transit Task Force
“It is time to consider a new model for transit and for the future of our region. This task force will embark on a visionary process accommodating multiple employment centers and rider needs.”

January 19, 2010
Bob Ferguson to chair King County Council in 2010
“I am pleased that the Council has moved to be truly non-partisan with the selection of just one vice chair. This is a strong signal that we will work in collaborative way to make King County government more efficient and effective.”

January 14, 2010
Hague part of “Marching to the Dream” at Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
“The vision of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s beloved community, his lessons of creative non-violence, and his example of forgiveness and resolution are as relevant today as they were during the height of the Civil Rights movement 45 years ago.”

January 11, 2010
Councilmembers extend deadline on closure of King County animal shelters
“It is important that we handle this situation right, not necessarily right now. By giving Executive Constantine more time to make this transition, we are doing what is in the best interest of the animals and the organizations involved.”

January 11, 2010
Councilmembers recognize and honor Eagle Scouts for their service to King County
“These young men are the leaders of tomorrow. Many Eagle Scouts have gone on to great things and I’m sure the same will be true for the 2009 Cascade Eagle Scouts.”

January 4, 2010
Council appoints Jan Drago to fill vacancy in Council District 8
“Jan will make a wonderful addition to the King County Council. She knows the issues facing District 8 and will hit the ground running to serve her constituents well.”

January 4, 2010
King County Council calls on state lawmakers to act on revenue options for counties
“I hope that any agenda pursued by the Legislature will promote a dual use for the BNSF Corridor on the Eastside. With the Wilburton Tunnel gone, we need to find a way to connect northern and southern segments in a way that allows for dual use along the entire corridor.”

December 14, 2009
Council approves new life for “retired” vans
“Extending the useful life of these vans provides many organizations with the mobility options they deserve. Each organization now has a way of getting more people to more places.”

December 14, 2009
Council approves funding to encourage green, sustainable technology in King County
“Each of these projects is an investment in our future. By using the funds to stimulate the clean vehicle industry, we not only are going to create jobs but we will also contribute to a cleaner future for our children.”

December 14, 2009
Council restores funding for County 4-H programs
“The Washington State University Extension programs provide valuable opportunities for thousands across King County to learn about healthy living and environmental stewardship. I am pleased we were able to reinstate the funding for these programs.”

December 14, 2009
Council approves next step in acquisition of BNSF Eastside Rail Corridor
“This is the right move at the right time for the Eastside. By preserving the BNSF corridor in perpetuity, we are creating exciting transportation and recreation opportunities for the region.”

December 7, 2009
Hague joins Denny Creek Neighborhood Association to plant trees in Juanita Woodlands
“It was great to see so many committed neighbors come out in cold weather to help restore this urban forest. The Juanita Woodlands is a unique area and I hope the efforts undertaken will serve as a national model for similar forests.”

December 7, 2009
County Council celebrates 40th Anniversary of King County’s “Constitution”
“The vision and leadership of the Freeholders allowed King County to flourish as a place to live and work. Forty years after its creation, the King County Charter remains as important today as it was when it was written.”

November 23, 2009
County Council gives its support to 520 floating bridge option that builds within existing footprint
“Keeping costs down, relieving traffic congestion and protecting the Arboretum must be priorities for the 520 bridge replacement. We will accomplish each priority with this option and connect people to jobs in a faster, more efficient way.”

November 23, 2009
King County Council unanimously adopts 2010 Budget that keeps basic services on the streets, cuts costs, and increases efficiencies
“This is a budget taxpayers can be proud of. We found efficiencies across the board that will keep costs down and maintain many of the services people rely on most.”

November 19, 2009
Criminal justice and bus service preserved in preliminary budget from County Council Budget Leadership Team
“Working together, we developed a budget that is responsible and will maintain service levels for programs that people rely on.”

November 18, 2009
Domestic violence, sexual assault and legal aid programs saved in preliminary 2010 King County Budget
“The voices of the abused spoke and we listened. Our legal community stands ready to help victims leave abusive homes and move forward with their lives and we chose to support them.”

November 16, 2009
King County Council adopts tax-neutral financing that maintains Metro bus service despite steep decline in revenues
“We found a creative solution to keep people on the move. Bus ridership has reached record levels and we made it a priority to save this service in spite of a difficult budget situation.”

November 10, 2009
Ferry District reduces property tax for 2010 while preserving existing service
“In light of tight economic times and the transit crisis King County is facing, these savings will allow us to preserve bus service. Estimates show that these savings could translate into more than 180,000 hours of bus service.”

November 9, 2009
County Council sets January 31 deadline to close King County animal shelters
“We need to do what is in the best interest of these animals. This time frame will allow a smooth transfer of the services these animals deserve.”

October 26, 2009
Six King County Councilmembers introduce legislation to close animal shelters by April 1
“We will pursue seamless quality of service for the animals, for owners and for prospective pet owners.”

October 19, 2009
Council authorizes emergency funding for relocation of County services and protection of County facilities in flood-threatened Green River Valley
“Our job is to protect citizen access to their government and the services that only we can provide.”

October 12, 2009
“Mega-shelters” being scouted to house up to 5,000 potential evacuees from the Green River Valley in the event of flooding from the federal Howard Hanson Dam
“We must prepare for the food, sanitation and safety needs that may follow a flood of the Green River. These were all major issues during Hurricane Katrina and we need to make sure that we are working with local agencies so that our citizens do not face similar circumstances.”

September 28, 2009
Council budget leadership commits to cutting costs while protecting vital services in 2010 County Budget
“I had to tell two members of the Council staff with young families that their positions were being eliminated due to the Council’s commitment to flattening its organization, reducing mid-level management and achieving significant cost savings. These are painful times, but we are prepared to make the hard choices in the least painful way we can.”

September 9, 2009
Council briefed on relocation of Elections operations and public notification in Green River flood zone
“King County is working diligently to ensure that critical functions will be preserved if the Green River floods. One of the most critical functions is ensuring voters the right to free and fair elections. I am pleased that we have come up with a plan to ensure voting will not be disrupted in the event of a flood.”

August 31, 2009
County Council transfers development rights for Bel-Red area from King County to Bellevue
“This project helps the city of Bellevue maximize redevelopment of the Bel-Red corridor while preserving the beautiful open space this region enjoys. With this agreement, the County has shown that we are willing and eager to partner with the people of Bellevue to help them with this important smart-growth project.”

August 31, 2009
Charging into the future: Council calls for guidelines for development of electric car charging stations
“The development of plug-in hybrid vehicles and stations to charge them will create jobs and a cleaner environment. King County must continue to lead with this ‘win-win’ technology.”

August 26, 2009
New risk of flooding from Howard Hanson Dam could threaten County facilities and require emergency relocations
“We must provide citizens and businesses with certainty and stability both for their daily lives and for the health of our already threatened economy,” said Councilmember Jane Hague. “We can’t afford any other option. We must act now.”

July 27, 2009
County Council places Finn Hill, Kingsgate and North Juanita annexation vote on November ballot
“I have always believed in the rights of citizens to make decisions about their form of local government. We will now watch eagerly to see what the voters decide.”

July 21, 2009
Hague votes “no” on higher taxes
“Many families are in very difficult financial times right now and cannot afford an additional tax burden. We need to be more creative and think of the most efficient and effective way to provide county services while living with our means and still providing services that people rely on the most.”

June 29, 2009
Council backs restoration of Lake Sammamish Kokanee salmon
“Proper protection of the Lake Sammamish Kokanee salmon needs to begin immediately. It is critical that the federal and state governments recognize their importance to our region and act now to prevent their extinction.”

June 22, 2009
Committee to evaluate potential appointees for King County Assessor
“By including respected community leaders and receiving their input, the council will have a valuable set of voices to guide this important appointment.”

June 15, 2009
Council reauthorizes popular countywide Video Voters Guide for primary and general election
“Ensuring voters are aware of the candidates and their positions is critical to effective elections. The Video Voters Guide brings candidates directly to the voters through their TV’s or with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

May 26, 2009
New life for retired vans with Hague donations to Eastside programs
“I was extremely pleased to secure retired vanpool vans for three Eastside Boys & Girls Clubs. These vans will provide each club with the opportunity to expand their use of community resources and learning opportunities.”

May 26, 2009
Council approves new life for retired vans
“As non-profits struggle in this economy, these vans provide an important safety net. These vans will be a valuable transit option for many organizations throughout King County.”

May 19, 2009
Constantine and Hague thank participants in new process to appoint a King County Executive
“The work done by the Blue-Ribbon Committee allowed this to be an open and transparent process. I would like to thank each member of the committee as well as the Municipal League of King County for their leadership and their time in assisting the council with this important appointment.”

May 18, 2009
Council appoints Kurt Triplett as King County Executive
“I would like to congratulate Kurt Triplett on his appointment as the next King County Executive. I was pleased to establish a Blue- Ribbon Committee that allowed for an open and transparent process to interview and recommend candidates. Today’s unanimous vote shows that the process worked.”

May 18, 2009
County Council integrates Metro bus service around new Link light rail system
“These service changes reflect the input of hundreds of Metro riders. We are happy to work with Sound Transit to provide the best coverage possible.”

May 18, 2009
Efficiency in government, public safety, health and human services, and physical environment
top Council’s 2010 budget priorities

“Let’s get our budget balanced the same way that King County families do theirs.”

May 14, 2009
Hague calls for all King County employees to pay health care premiums
“As King County looks for ways to cut costs and tighten our belt with the looming budget shortfall, monthly contributions for all employees should be a part of the discussion. If we are going to ask employees to sacrifice, we should do so in a way that is equitable while saving the taxpayers as much money as possible.”

May 11, 2009
Extension of homebuilding permits by County Council will aid struggling housing market
“This ordinance will keep construction costs down for local home builders and allows them the time and flexibility they need to build family homes during the economic slump.”

May 4, 2009
Council recognizes May as Arts Education Month in King County
“Arts education is still a valuable part of youth education. Those who work so hard to make a great arts education possible deserve our appreciation.”

April 30, 2009
Hague calls on King County Elections to continue popular Video Voters Guide
“Staying informed about the issues and candidates is one of the biggest challenges facing voters. With the Video Voters Guide, voters will be able to hear equally from challengers and incumbents with a few clicks of the mouse or TV remote.”

April 13, 2009
Four names sent to Blue-Ribbon Committee for evaluation for appointment as King County Executive
“I think our nominating process is a strong indication of our outreach to qualified candidates in King County.”

April 13, 2009
Council committees to hold joint public meeting on upcoming bus service changes
“We need to consider each of the transit service changes carefully, as we balance competing goals. We want efficient bus service that does not duplicate light rail, yet meets customers’ needs without worsening Metro’s budget gap.”

April 6, 2009
Blue-Ribbon Committee to evaluate prospective appointees for King County Executive
“We need an open and transparent process to review candidates for interim executive. This panel will thoroughly evaluate each candidate and provide the Council with valuable recommendations. This will ultimately help us to choose the best person to manage county government free of politics.”

March 23, 2009
Council gives green light for rollout of single-payment card for all forms of regional transit
“This system makes various forms of transit more accessible to all riders. The new ORCA card will help riders have a more seamless and enjoyable transportation experience.”

March 17, 2009
King County Council among national leaders in providing online access to its meetings
“Use of this technology makes it easier for citizens to jump to particular agenda items in our meeting videos, so they can see just what they want without having to search through an entire meeting.”

March 10, 2009
Councilmembers encourage Metro to continue enhancing communication, increasing cooperation and preparation “Metro was not adequately prepared for snow events large and small. Better communication and increased reliability have to be top priorities going forward. Metro must continue to be creative about addressing these problems with the ongoing budget shortfall.”

March 9, 2009
County Council extends bus transfers during adverse weather
“Riders should expect that they can still transfer even if they miss a bus because of bad weather. This legislation especially makes sense for riders with a long commute.”

March 5, 2009
Council Committee to take public testimony on Metro Transit’s snow response
“Metro’s response to snow weather has been unacceptable. It is time we figure out exactly what is going wrong and begin working on how to be better prepared to meet the needs of transit riders.”

March 4, 2009
King County Councilmembers praise court victory against rural clearing limits in the Critical Areas Ordinance
“I am pleased to see the Court sided with property owners on this issue. We can and must strike a balance between landowners’ rights and protecting streams and wildlife. This decision moves us in that direction.”

March 3, 2009
King County Budget and Fiscal Management Committee approves funding for energy efficient improvements in County facilities
“In these unprecedented economic times, we have to embrace new ways of running of our facilities that will provide both fiscal and environmentally prudent outcomes. This plan reduces the County’s energy consumption, which is vital for the county’s bottom line.”

March 2, 2009
County celebrates Women’s History Month
“This is an opportunity to look at the past contribution of women throughout the world, recognize and honor the work taking place right now, and encourage those coming behind us to remember that there are no limits to what they can do.”

February 9, 2009
An electric future: Council promotes next-generation hybrid vehicles
“This report shows that by advancing the availability of plug-in hybrid technology we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint and spur our economy. Now is the time to act to make this technology widely available so that King County will continue to be a leader as we move towards a cleaner, electric future.”

February 2, 2009
Sale of Summit Pit clears way for open space, trails, housing and new roads facility
“We have worked hard to make this a win for all the parties at the table. I am now satisfied that local concerns have been met while addressing our regional housing needs.”

January 14, 2009
Hague to lead in policy and administration for King County Council for 2009
“The demands of the Council’s 2009 agenda are enormous, and our response to those demands will affect my constituents in District 6 as well as all of the citizens of King County. I look forward to the challenge.”

November 24, 2008
Highest priorities of public safety, health and quality of life protected by the King County Council in 2009 adopted budget
“The Council chose to take personal responsibility for our share of the County's fiscal crisis. Councilmembers' salaries are set by state law but all members are committed to writing a check back to the County for most of our cost-of-living increases, and we also reduced the Legislative Branch budget by 3.11 percent. We are determined to share in the pain that everyone is experiencing in these daunting economic times.”

November 17, 2008
Council finds savings in Metro budget that enable delay of half of bus fare increase
“I’m particularly pleased that the staggered fares have not impacted the ability of school districts to provide student transit.”

November 7, 2008
Citizen panel praised for recommendations that paid off with a smooth day at the polls
“Citizens should be proud of the dedication and bipartisan common sense approach that the CEOC took towards improving the election process in King County. I am proud to have been the prime sponsor of the legislation that formed the CEOC and I’m pleased to see how it helped the public regain faith in the quality of our elections operation.”

November 3, 2008
King County Council pledges to “Eat Local for Thanksgiving”
“There are so many resources available to our citizens who wish to ‘eat local’ this Thanksgiving. We have an explosion of small, local farmers’ markets that join Seattle’s venerable Pike Place Market in providing seasonal fresh produce.”

October 22, 2008
Employee incentive program targeted for budget savings
“In light of our critical need to fund public safety, offering financial incentives for employees to walk or ride their bike to work seem unnecessary at this time.”

October 20, 2008
County Council makes room for athletics, model airplanes and general public use at Sixty Acres Park
“By providing recreational opportunities for a broad range of users, it will continue to add immeasurably to the quality of life for King County citizens for many generations to come. I am pleased with the general safeguards we added to protect user groups as well as neighbors of the park, and I believe that the avenues we developed for dispute resolution will serve our citizens well.”

October 20, 2008
County Council creates Advisory Committee to monitor $4 billion King County Investment Pool
“This new advisory committee will help provide accountability and transparency during these difficult economic times.”

October 6, 2008
More flexibility for farmers and incentives for urban density adopted in update of County land use policies
“The Comprehensive Plan review has presented many opportunities for the County to work in collaboration with our city partners. We have been able to match County goals with city growth targets and we will continue to do so as long as we plan for future growth that meets the spirit of our growth management goals.”

September 30, 2008
Twelve things King County can do now to cut expenses and narrow budget shortfall
“We understand that these changes will not solve the county’s larger budget issues, but these are many of the same tough choices that households are forced to make when money is tight.”

September 29, 2008
County Council calls on Metro for complete budget information on transit funding gap
“We have a commitment of service to the King County commuting public that must be retained. Before we ask bus riders for more, we need to make sure Metro has explored all available revenue options.”

September 29, 2008
East King County playfield gets financial boost for expansion project
“This is a win for all -- the County, the Eastside Football Club, and most importantly, the youth that this valuable recreational organization serves.”

August 4, 2008
Council adopts public safety, health and quality of life as top priorities for 2009 budget deliberations
“We must do whatever it takes to preserve our top priority of public safety.”

July 28, 2008
Public safety, health and quality of life proposed as top priorities for Council’s 2009 budget deliberations
“Tough budget times do not allow us to go easy on criminal activity. It is essential to make public safety the highest priority.”

July 10, 2008
Council Republicans call for repeal of Critical Area Ordinance’s rural area clearing limits
“The Growth Management Act creates specific guidelines for the protection of critical areas. It did not require King County to put the entire Rural Area under critical area protection.”

July 7, 2008
Council strengthens accountability in County government
“The ability of citizens to review how well the County performs is especially important in light of our shrinking county wallet and increasing costs for providing services. Today we have continued King County’s leadership in accountability to its citizens through performance measures.”

July 7, 2008
Council calls for extension of regional jail contract and joint strategy with cities on future jail needs
“We must keep the option alive to tackle our criminal justice issues as a region. A piecemeal system will only cause confusion, costs and unequal justice for our citizens.”

July 7, 2008
County Council Republicans hail court reversal of Critical Areas Ordinance
“This is a landmark decision by the Court of Appeals that will make all jurisdictions take notice of property rights and land-use regulations regarding critical areas.”

June 23, 2008
King County to “build green” in new government construction and major renovation
“As King County seeks to achieve high environmental standards for the buildings that house our employees and serve our constituents, we can become a governmental role model if we are successful in meeting those standards while respecting our serious budget constraints."

June 23, 2008
West Hill Park to join city of Bothell
“I am pleased to see that this park will be transferred into caring hands. Ultimately, what matters is that the citizens living near West Hill Park are able to use and enjoy it.”

June 23, 2008
Conservation and athletic fields in store for portion of Tollgate Farm
“This transfer provides a great blend of active recreation opportunities and land conservation for North Bend."

June 11, 2008
County Council calls for clear reports on County’s performance
“My goal has always been to make government more accessible, accountable and understandable. Citizens should be able to find performance and financial data on their County with a few keystrokes on their computer or a quick phone call.”

June 9, 2008
“Green Cleaning:” King County to examine ways to provide environmentally friendly cleaning
“King County is a national leader in efforts for caring for our environment. This is yet another way we can lead by ensuring that our ‘house’ is green-cleaned.”

June 4, 2008
Council expresses condolences on the passing of former King County Councilmember Ruby Chow
“Ruby was a great regional leader, a credit to her community and all of King County.”

May 5, 2008
County plugs into next-generation hybrid vehicles
“We have the opportunity to help create the new generation of vehicles coming to American consumers. These electric vehicles can help lower our regional carbon footprint and eventually aid in reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

May 5, 2008
Council preserves options for rail and trail in historic agreement with Port to bring Eastside Rail Corridor into public ownership
“We must have a responsible voice for those who live and work along this corridor. The Port and King County have a rare opportunity to earn public trust and to ensure uses that enable the region.”

May 5, 2008
County Council calls for rebid of federal tanker contract
“Our region is blessed with international technical expertise. The Boeing Company is synonymous with aviation expertise and excellence. We deserve to have this contract award reviewed.”

April 30, 2008
"Senate should pass global warming bill" —Ballard News-Tribune OpEd by Councilmembers Jane Hague, Larry Phillips and Dow Constantine
"Think globally, act locally, as the saying goes. All over the country, one thing is becoming clear: Local governments -cities and counties - are emerging as the leaders in the struggle to reduce our carbon footprint and fight global climate change."

April 15, 2008
Hague plugs County into next generation vehicles
“The ability to drive 100 miles on battery alone combined with the option of charging your plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle at a Metro Park-n-Ride or other county facilities means that people could drive their entire workday without releasing harmful emissions.”

April 15, 2008
Council seeks to reduce energy consumption at West Point Treatment Plant
“This legislation demonstrates the county's willingness to look within for local climate change solutions. This project is one of many we are pursuing in order to ‘walk the talk’ regarding the important role energy efficiency plays in improving our environment.”

April 7, 2008
Urban parks, suburban camp to benefit from Conservation Future Funds
“I believe our citizens care about parks, open space and a healthier habitat for our wildlife. These Conservation Futures Fund investments fulfill these goals.”

March 24, 2008
More bus service on major routes throughout the county thanks to new transit partnerships
“This partnership program is a great example of leveraging county funds through partnerships with obvious entities. Today's vote demonstrates the Council's commitment to fulfilling the promises made to voters when they approved the Transit Now program.”

March 17, 2008
Council weighs future of County animal shelters after hearing a second disturbing report
“It is unacceptable for this county, which models itself on innovative and cutting edge performance, to have an agency in such deplorable condition.”

March 10, 2008
Sammamish park transfer meets growing need for Eastside playfields
“We have an agreement that lives up to the spirit of past commitments as well as the possibilities of the future.”

Feb. 25, 2008
Property owners have new avenue of appeal of County permit fees
“This ordinance will provide property owners with a more dependable approach to resolving conflicts with the County over disputed costs associated with their building permits.”

Feb. 11, 2008
Maleng’s advocacy inspires building name
“Norm Maleng was always an advocate – and never more so than when he supported victims of crime or of accidents. Naming a trauma center for him will ensure his memory lives on for so many.”

Feb. 6, 2008
Hague applauds decision to delay implementation of all-mail voting
“This decision demonstrates a united commitment from King County government to studiously manage the election process so that the foundation of our democracy is protected-our right to vote and to have it counted accurately.”

Jan. 25, 2008
King County’s first executive honored at grand opening of county’s new Chinook Building
“I am so pleased to finally have an opportunity to memorialize an individual who has been a hero to me and a mentor. John’s contributions to King County are immeasurable, but his oversight of the Forward Thrust package has left County citizens with a legacy of parks, pools and recreational facilities that benefits us all.”

Jan. 7, 2008
Human services, public health highlight King County’s 2008 State Legislative Agenda
“Two important themes can be found in especially our state legislative agenda - money for unfunded state mandates and retaining and providing for local control.”