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King County Department of Assessments

Fair, equitable, and understandable property valuations
500 Fourth Ave.,
Seattle, WA 98104


Mon – Fri: 
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Tel: 206-296-7300
Fax: 206-296-5107
TTY: 206-296-7888


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If you think we made a mistake in valuing your property, please call us at 206-296-7300. We will be happy to review your valuation and answer your questions. You can also get assistance from the independent Property Tax Advisor at 206-205-6330. In addition, you can appeal our valuation to the King County Board of Equalization and the Washington Board of Tax Appeals.

King County resident appealing taxes


If you think we have made a factual error, (for example, we listed the wrong number of bathrooms, etc.), please call us at 206-296-7300. We will be happy to review your valuation and answer your questions. In addition, you can also contact the King County Property Tax Advisor, an independent taxpayer assistance office, at 206-205-6330.

You can also appeal to the King County Board of Equalization. To do this, you must file a completed petition form within 60 days of the mail date on the front of your Offical Property Value Notice. The Board of Equalization is independent of the assessor's Office.

In your appeal, you must present evidence that the assessor has erred in your appraisal, including sales of comparable properties in your area. You should also submit other pertinent information that demonstrates the difference between the assessor's value and the correct value.

If you do not agree with the county board's decision, you may appeal to the Washington Board of Tax Appeals (external link) where you must again present proof that the assessor has erred in your appraisal. Like the county board, the state board considers only questions of value. You do not have to be represented by an attorney to appeal your property assessment.

You also can pursue litigation in court.

Information Needed to Appeal

To appeal a valuation to the Board of Equalization, you must show that the assessor has erred in your appraisal. You must clearly show that the assessed value does not reflect market value by providing sales of comparable properties in your area or information on conditions not known to the assessor.

You must supply adequate documentation to support your claim if your appeal is based on conditions of which the appraisers were not aware — for example, the land will not percolate or is not suitable for building. You also may request copies of comparable sales information used to value your property.


Some King County residents that filed a 2014 appeal based on value as of January 1, 2014 may receive a one page letter response from the Department of Assessments.

This letter serves as the Assessor's response to your appeal. We have carefully reviewed the issue(s) that were raised in your appeal documentation and have determined that those issues were taken into consideration in your valuation as of January 1, 2014. A report describing the valuation process in your geographic area can be found in 2014 Area Reports when completed. Property characteristics can be reviewed using eReal Property or to explore further sales activity in your geographic area using eSales Search. Please feel free to contact us at 206-296-7300 or by email

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